Supposedly an online encyclopedia, this is little more than a haven for porn, obscenities and rather childish insults. Presumably someone who was banned from wikipedia for thinking crude language and playground behaviour was an alternative to facts or humour has set up his own website in which he can be spiteful and pathetic until the cows come home.
Man #1: "I want to start posting things to an online website, but unfortunately I have no knowledge about anything and have the sense of humour of a boat hook".
Mam 2#: "Never mind. There's always encyclopedia dramatica".
by Stormsworder May 19, 2007
A parody of Wikipedia like Uncyclopedia, but much less funny. It's full of disgusting shock images, child porn, racism/bigotry/anti-Semitic hate speech, and is a haven for people with no lives. Makes fun of things in grossly wrong and vulgar ways. The most depraved, obscene and pathetic website on the Internet. Anyone who finds it funny should be given medication.
"we did it for the lulz"-Encyclopedia Dramatica

Below that sentence is an image of a headless corpse
by WPH15 August 02, 2009
The worst website on the Internet.

It is full of racist, anti-Semitic, off-putting, homophobic, sexist, and crass articles that are made by fucktards who are hated by their entire school, no make that country. They stoop so low to have male anatomy and pornographic material scattered around the wiki. Anyone who thinks it's funny should have their head checked. It beats YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter as the most useless and most inappropriate website on Earth. To reiterate, It is the worst website ever.
Person 1: Did you hear about Encyclopedia Dramatica?

Person 2: Yeah, my son stumbled across some articles when he was surfing the internet. He was offended that the website thinks it has liberty to use as many homophobic words and epithets against Jewish people. Now he's afraid to use the internet except to check his email!

Person 1: I heard the entire country of Australia blocked the site because it was very offensive to Aborigines.

Person 2: My son wanted to have therapy to get rid of the emotional distress that piece of shit put him in!

Person 1: Why can't our country be as smart as Australia?

Person 2: We let shit like Encyclopedia Dramatica exist on the Internet. No wonder why the world hates us.
by DoubleDare July 09, 2010
A website that takes several aspects of the internet, old memes, journals, forums, and just the culture in general, and insults them in the most vulgar and harrassing ways, soley to offend thin-skinned, self-righteous, opinionated readers. It is an unconsequential website full of unconsequential editors, and if their articles make you mad, then they win. Conversely, if you find yourself browsing the site for the hell of it or for laughs, then you will find very few, and you should check yourself immediately for brain ulcers.
TSSROR: Zomg, encyclopedia dramatica, lyk, insulted mah favoret band /comedian /videogame /whatever the hellI'm into *insult insult insult*
Normal bystander: ...Who the hell cares?
TSSROR: But they hirt mah FEEELIIINGS
NB: Then they win, you lose. Have a nice life... or lack of one.
by Msnoodles June 19, 2007
The most worthless, rock bottom place on the entire internet. An awful parody of wikipedia written by a bunch of homophobic 14 year olds who live in their parents' basement. Full of socially retarded 4chan crap, ED trully epitomizes the lowest form of life. The frequently use the term "basement dweller" even though that they themselves don't have any thing remotely resembling a life. Apparently, they think that using the word "lulz" somehow prevents you from looking like a gigantic loser who never steps outside of the internet long enough to meet real people. The site exhibits every thing you'de expect from a people who's entire lives revolve around internet memes, most of which is it's crudeness.
Encyclopedia dramatica really need to learn what real comedy is.
by neostyles October 05, 2009
A parody sight that frequently contradicts itself in what it considers to be cool, uncool, stupid, and "lulz", which is a word that they consider to be funny for some reason.

Basically, a bunch of nerds who hide their pale, neck-beared faces faces behind their computers so that they can try and upset people without getting their shit rocked (beat up). I'm not saying this because they offended me. I could really care less what they think of Jesus Christ.

They mix in fact with myth, and sometimes straight up lies. Sodomy is a common sight, as that seems to be how they pass their time in real life.

As for their humor. If you like Goatse, and enjoy being made fun of, this is the place for you.

You can get a good laugh out of it every now and then. Some of it is really funny. But also there is a community that wants to spread their vile hate, grudges, or maybe just butthurt, and then hide behind satire. Make no mistake. These people will judge anything and everything.

There is a place when humor dies. That is when only hatred is left in it's place. Encyclopedia Dramatica.
Anyone who doesn't like EncyclopediaDramatica is an idiot, a faggot, or a conservative prick.

- One of ED's bitches
by heavystallin July 24, 2009
Wiki website that rips on anything you love, denies what you have learned, bashes every band on the planet, and is racist to all. They usually give false information about everything, with the exception of the "Sick fucks." They often like to follow the path of 4Chan, using all of their vocabulary and memes.

However, it should be noted that it is just for "lulz", and should not be taking too seriously. If you get offended easily, don't go there.
Encyclopedia Dramatica is a site for bitching about the world.
by Stay Gold Ponyboy September 06, 2008

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