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Where humor goes to die. A website where comedy meets false ignorance, combining to make the single most thought-provoking and insulting use of internet space.
We did it for the lulz. - Encyclopedia Dramatica
by they7692 August 27, 2008
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A bullshit website created by a bunch of leftover Nazis. Is filled with bad jokes, nauseating images, and racism(Anti-semitism is rife). The creators of the site claim that the opinions expressed are not their actual opinions but are jokes. I call bullshit on that. Anyone with half a brain can see that they're serious.
Encyclopedia Dramatica is inhabited by the ghost of Adolf Hitler.
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Supposedly an online encyclopedia, this is little more than a haven for porn, obscenities and rather childish insults. Presumably someone who was banned from wikipedia for thinking crude language and playground behaviour was an alternative to facts or humour has set up his own website in which he can be spiteful and pathetic until the cows come home.
Man #1: "I want to start posting things to an online website, but unfortunately I have no knowledge about anything and have the sense of humour of a boat hook".
Mam 2#: "Never mind. There's always encyclopedia dramatica".
by Stormsworder May 19, 2007
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A website that takes several aspects of the internet, old memes, journals, forums, and just the culture in general, and insults them in the most vulgar and harrassing ways, soley to offend thin-skinned, self-righteous, opinionated readers. It is an unconsequential website full of unconsequential editors, and if their articles make you mad, then they win. Conversely, if you find yourself browsing the site for the hell of it or for laughs, then you will find very few, and you should check yourself immediately for brain ulcers.
TSSROR: Zomg, encyclopedia dramatica, lyk, insulted mah favoret band /comedian /videogame /whatever the hellI'm into *insult insult insult*
Normal bystander: ...Who the hell cares?
TSSROR: But they hirt mah FEEELIIINGS
NB: Then they win, you lose. Have a nice life... or lack of one.
by Msnoodles June 19, 2007
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Encyclopedia Dramatica is where all of the 13 year old rejected /b/tards can hang around and joke about shit that they know nothing about. They think that concentration camps and AIDS is funny, and they tell furries to go be "an hero", even though they should definitely be the ones to do that.
They laugh at everything they don't know about, since they're all a bunch of pimple-faced, sheltered, half-autistic middle schoolers whose hardest decision in life was to choose either to buy an Etnies cap or a Hollister shirt.
They are all butthurt because Wikipedia rejected them as intellects and 4chan rejected them as funny.
They laugh whenever a tragedy happens or when somebody is brutally murdered, but everybody knows that if somebody slaughtered their grandmother, it suddenly wouldn't be so funny.
Their average GPA in school is about a 0.9, which explains why they think math is the hardest damn thing and why they bitch about school endlessly.
Ahahaha, that black 11 year old girl was gangraped three times and contracted AIDS! Let's go lulz about it on Encyclopedia Dramatica.
by TheXIV March 19, 2009
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A moronic, hateful Wikipedia-style site revolving around memes, porn, and how every other site on the internet is 'gay' and/or 'unfunny'.

Anyone can edit ED, though it seems meaningless as the articles seem like they've all been written by a 13-year-old in a permanent state of nerd rage, sort of like someone trying to be like someone trying to be like Charlie Brooker. Every single article is apparently required to include 'fucktard' or 'faggotry' (preferrably both), repeated as many times as possible.

ED is also CONTROVERSIAL; as it seems these wannabes have thought of this: "Omg! Racism and homophobia will get me noticed! It's so NONCONFORMIST!"

At the present time, there seems to be only one article in Encyclopedia Dramatica that's somewhat accurate - the article for My Immortal, by Tara Gilesbie.

(But to be fair, flaming IS encouraged on that!)
Encyclopedia Dramatica articles are just a load of insults stringed together in a sad attempt to sound funny.
by FashionistState December 12, 2009
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A parody of Wikipedia like Uncyclopedia, but much less funny. It's full of disgusting shock images, child porn, racism/bigotry/anti-Semitic hate speech, and is a haven for people with no lives. Makes fun of things in grossly wrong and vulgar ways. The most depraved, obscene and pathetic website on the Internet. Anyone who finds it funny should be given medication.
"we did it for the lulz"-Encyclopedia Dramatica

Below that sentence is an image of a headless corpse
by WPH15 August 02, 2009
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