A site full of assholes who was banned from wikipedia and created a shitty site full of porn.All they do is post hate-shits about mario,disney,groupboard,anime (except hentai),etc. Those fucking assholes have nothing in their heads,and they LOVE fucking people and watching fucking porn.I mean,HOW STUPID AND PERVERTED ARE THEY?! The only thing they DONT post hate-shit about is their site,sex,hentai and other stuffs related to that.They've been fucked a MILLION times and you can see that they cummed that site.They say that hate-shit is lulz,while WE (those who DONT support ED) say that its FUCKING RUDE!! They have no right to post anywhere,not even this site. Go ahead,give a thumbs down,CAUSE I DONT CARE!!!!
Tard#1: Encyclopedia Dramatica is teh best site evah!!!!!!!1111111111111oneoneone


Me: Ugh,WILL YOU GUYS SHUT THE FUCK UP?! *gets shotgun and kills both of the tards*
by Anti-ED person August 14, 2010
A website made by a group of spotty nerds with tiny dicks, as they struggle to get girlfriends and are scared there mum will catch them wanking they make a site that is both complete crap and very un funny.
Encyclopedia dramatica - When a boy cant get sex he makes a crap site!
by McLeppard May 09, 2009
The most lewd, obsecne,and heavily soiled site of feces in the world, showing illcit and nausea inducing pics, hentai, beastiality, & much worse, as well as discriminating facts, stupid $#!%, and $#!% that no one will give a damn about.

Was made by American Nazis rejected off of Wikipedia who were posting Nazi Ideaology to discrimiate and are doing what they wanted.
Encyclopedia Dramatica, the most absoludirous, and biased site on the web.
by Player Killer Murderer September 26, 2006
Troll central. Nonsense website that provides racist, elitist, and sexist views and false information, as well a tips on how to troll a particular group or culture. Excessively use of internet kid words like 'failz' 'lulz' and 'haxorz.' make fun of most things, and make jokes in poor taste. they make fun of poeple's deaths, they refer to blacks as niggers, and classial music, and metal as 'talentless', along with many other racist, sexist and purely uneducated views on all sorts of things.
Me: According to some 11 year old 'failkid' on Encyclopedia Dramatica it was funny that Cliff Burton died, and that i should make terrorist jokes to muslims.

Another person: funny how they have no life, no friends, and their greatest goal in life is to piss of people on the internet

Me: yeah, its fucking lame
by GTASbo0mst1ck February 16, 2010
If /b/ is where scum of the earth gathers, Encyclopedia Dramatica is where their manure agregates.

The playground of twisted minds with no auto-censoreship. This is a warning - don't go there (and I'm not remotely kidding as anyone who's been there will tell you).
On the surface, Encyclopedia Dramatica looks like a nice way to find meme origins, but click on any other link, and you risk any innocence you might have - you may soon become unable to regain your humanity or sanity again.
by someman7 June 07, 2010
Encyclopedia Dramatica is a rather poor and fail/aids filled collection of articles submitted to generate "lulz". The content in reality has about as much humor as Simon Cowells rectum. Needs to be shut down for massive amounts of fail and aids.
I have ED or Encyclopedia Dramatica, it sucks.
by Enclyopedia Dramatica January 31, 2008
A Wikipedia spin off website that has been rumored is created by rejects from message boards, etc for vandilism.

Techincally the website shows grotesque images and has misinformative articles. Formed a few years ago. Apparnelty the objective of the writers at ED are trying to lul people. Most people take it seriously when it is ctually supposed to be dark humor, however many people believe that it even fails in such a category of humor.

The website also displays excessive racism, and sexual content. Along with the disturbing images and miseducating articles the vocabulary and grammar there are the work of pre-school students with excess dirty language. the webiste will make fun of anything, with very terrible examples of criticism and facts. The site displays images that are often photoshopped or grotesque. Along with that they show racist profiling and anti-semite.
Typical article in Encyclopedia dramatica.

The lurkers of devianTART who dig up all the glorious lulz and tell the truth about this place. Be they banned or spurned, these dedicated men and women pursue their intended targets with CONSTANT VIGILANCE and UNWAVERING DEDICATION.
by Anti-bser-missile October 08, 2008
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