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Translated from Spanish, literally means, 'on fire'. It's what you call anyone or anything that is awesome.
Did you see Adrian Gonzales at bat last night? That boy was en fuego!
by darth-lemur September 04, 2011
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crazy hot -- it makes you think of setting yourself on fire.
Damn that girl is enfuego.

Oh man, that burger we had for lunch was enfuego.

Bro, you see the new R8? its enfuego.
by jivetrue October 07, 2010
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Literally 'on fire' in spanish.

A term applied to a hot girl/guy meaning that they are tappable.

A term applied to someone owning another person or doing something amazing.
Man! Did you see that chick? She is en fuego!


Did you see that guy who pelted Nick Griffin in the face? He was en fuego!
by lanky-jack November 02, 2009
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enfuego is enfuego.
by Brasky January 13, 2004
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