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Small, bubbly brunette with suspect taste in music and nice boobs who may or may not indulge in web-cammery.
No, Emzay, I will not masturbate for you on camera.
by penski April 18, 2004
Someone with intense admiration for obtaining rare items.
Emzay has 5 Firecapes

5 Freaking Firecapes!
by Marxious May 31, 2008
A very nice person who likes lots of colours, pantburgers, and sexwee. And lickity lickity stuff.

Hater of pasty faced blonde slappers with blotchy legs who stick their tits into people faces.

Someone I am definately envious of.
Leave her alone, she's Emzay. She rocks.
by Spie January 10, 2004
a girl with weird pink hair who likes crappy bands like busted but isnt that bad really. she can write pretty well
oh emzay behave
by jack February 07, 2004
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