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The truest form of black metal available. The best 10 years a band could ask for.
Emperor - Curse All You Men!
by Eric Easton June 16, 2003
One of the best and most influential bands to come out of the black metal genre.
Emperor was formed in 1991 with the lineup of: Samoth (Drums/Vocals), Ihsahn (Guitar), and Mortiis (Bass)

However, this lineup changed in many ways and their latest lineup was Ihsahn (Vocals/Guitars/Bass/Synth), Samoth (Guitars), and Trym (Drums)
The band disbanded in 2001, but their legend still lives on.

Emperor (1992) (Split CD w/ Enslaved)
In The Nightside Eclipse (1993)
Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk (1997)
Thorns vs. Emperor (1998) (Split CD w/ Thorns)
IX Equilibrium (1998)
Emperial Live Ceremony (2000)
Prometheus - The Discipline of Fire and Demise (2001)
I just saw Emperor in concert last night! They put on one of the best live shows! Ihsahn's vocals were dead on!
by karnage December 24, 2004
Originally a black metal band from Norway, and one of the biggest innovators in the genre. Infamous for church arson, murder, and other illegal acts in the name of "Satanic Metal" and their own enjoyment. They progressed through their careers into a heavier more technical style. They disbanded in 2001.
Hail the mighty EmpEroR!
by ratsinthewall March 01, 2003
One of the best black metal bands to ever come out of the scandanavian area.
Hail The Emperial!
by !unf June 26, 2004
The emperor of all of China. one in five children in the world are his. Has the ability to sleep anywhere. A member of the Flangetastic Four.
AKA The littlest hobo, ching chang
"So hes homeless then?"
"The emperor counts all of china as his home. And a box on Tooting common. And any unsecured sheds."
by dr live March 14, 2008
1. An older man of age 60 or above who likes to engage in sexual activities with other younger men, usually of ages 18-25.

2. An older man of age 60 or above who likes to rim (engage in analingus) other younger men, usually of ages 18-25.

3. Boy Scout Troop Leader
Kid: "Yo dude I heard Mr. Castellano is an emperor."

Kid 2: "Yeah, Jimmy met him the other day and now he's kinda walking funny."

......I hate Wig n Whiskers
by catnipxthexband May 02, 2011
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