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Progressive Death metal band formed in 1990; known for their blend of folk, metal, and progressive 70's rock, and Mikael Åkerfeld's brutal death growls and beautiful clean vocals. One of the most talented extreme metal bands around today.
Opeth is a very good band.
by ratsinthewall March 01, 2003
originally a 60's blues band from England called "Earth," fronted by Ozzy Osbourne who left the band. black sabbath were the creators of heavy metal, they took rock music and added dark lyrics, and Tony Iommi's brilliant heavy disturbing sounding/blues laced guitarwork and created a new sound that people still love and still relate to today. One of the most influencal bands in heavy music.
Kids still rock out to Sabbath today!
by ratsinthewall March 01, 2003
God What an Awful Racket! Shock rock band, known for their punk metal hybrid style of music, cartoonish costumes, and over the top live shows.
"Man, my favorite shirt was ruined last night at the GWAR show, it's pink now from all the fake blood spashing out into the crowd!"
by ratsinthewall January 29, 2003
A Floridian Death Metal band formed in 1983, originally named Mantas and re-named/re-formed in 1984 as Death. Thought to be the originators of the style (which may have been named after them).
"Rest in Peace Chuck Schuldiner, Death did more for Death Metal than you were ever given credit for!"
by ratsinthewall January 29, 2003
Originally a black metal band from Norway, and one of the biggest innovators in the genre. Infamous for church arson, murder, and other illegal acts in the name of "Satanic Metal" and their own enjoyment. They progressed through their careers into a heavier more technical style. They disbanded in 2001.
Hail the mighty EmpEroR!
by ratsinthewall March 01, 2003
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