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the combining of Emo with electronic music. Artsy, indie, electro music. Not to be confused with Synthpunk
Bob: hey Fred, what are you listening to?
Fred: oh, just some Emotronic stuff i picked up at Virgin.
Bob: gee Fred, i didn't know you were such a girl!
by IAM808 November 29, 2006
1: An individual who responds to external stimuli with emotional speech and or reactions.

1a: this individual does not actively seek stimuli.

1b: withdrawn, insightful, extremely passionate.

2: Attracted to Logitronic individuals.
John: hey Tim! lets head out to the pub tonight and watch the game!

Tim: Nah, i am just gonna hang in tonight, Sue is back in town and i really miss her.

John: ahhh! your so emotronic!
by Judosage February 28, 2010
a gay transformer
The decepticons beat up the emotronics for wearing tight pants and having ugly $2 haircuts!
by em0slayer August 05, 2008
A person that appreciates emo culture but is not one themselves.
Jon: "Hey, is that guy emo?"
Jonny: "Nah, he's emotronic!"
by mr h-aka-sam January 23, 2006

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