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Super talented and super nice lead singer of the up-beat geek-rock band, Ludo.
"If Ludo didn't open for Relient K last night, I think I would have blown my brains out at that show!"

"For sure, Andrew Volpe made that show!"
by shanzormasteroftheuniverse November 26, 2009
Jason Kyle Knight, totally rad solo musician. Pwns on the QY700 Sequencer. If you don't listen to The Emotron, you must not like good music. Or you're just completely lame.
"Did you go to The Emotron show last night?"
"No, did he play 1989?"
"Hell yes he did, best song written, EVER. Totally destroys Elliott Smith."
by shanzormasteroftheuniverse November 27, 2009
Awesome musician. Hands-down god of the Yamaha QY700 Sequencer. If you've never heard the song 1989, you haven't lived.
"Did you go to The Emotron show last night?"

"Hell yea, Kylemotron is freakin amazing."

"People My Age is the theme song of my life."
by shanzormasteroftheuniverse November 26, 2009
Just another mainstream drug, that mainly losers use.
Losers being people who are so dissatisfied with their lives, that they have to be under the influence of something to be able to actually endure it. And instead of doing something to better themselves, they get high.
Also very popular with angsty teenagers and immature adults.
If that isn't a good enough reason NOT to smoke it, it also smells like shit.
"Hey guyzzzz lets smoke some Marijuana!"
"Yea because its SOOOOOO cool!!!"
"If you don't smoke weed ur soo lAME!!!11!"
by shanzormasteroftheuniverse November 26, 2009

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