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Noun; An online text conversation consisting entirely of emoticons or other test "smilies".




ScreenName1: :-)

ScreenName2: 8-)

ScreenName1: ~_^

ScreenName2: :-*

ScreenName1: ^_^
by BeLikeLennon April 18, 2004
Having an entire conversation using only emoticons.
Usually used in skype or other chat applications to get your point across without using words.

P2: (n)

P1: (flex)

P2: (bow)

Example used is in skype emoticonversation.
by Beejaydub June 04, 2009
Background: people are too lazy to type actual words.
Sn1: :-)
Sn2: :-/
Sn1: :-*
Sn2: >:0
by Emaline April 19, 2004
a conversation using smileys or emoticons.
I just had an emoticonversation with Mike.
by AnnaSAF October 24, 2008
A conversation consisting of emoticons and other conveyances of emotion without using words.
Amy and Keith had the following emoticonversation:

Amy: :D
Keith: :o
Amy: <3
Keith: <333
Amy: c:
Keith: :3
by TheDarkMuse May 31, 2011
A conversation taking place online consisting entirely of emoticons.
<you> :) <them> :D <you> :P <them> :O <you> 0:) <them> good emoticonversation.
by Mutiny February 21, 2006
A conversation in which nothing but emoticons are used.
:) ;) 8ol :'( :( :@
by seachicken June 12, 2004

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