The use of emoticons without actually using the emoticon itself.
Person 1: I really hate Emoticons. You either make your own or not use them at all.

Person 2: *Emote*

Person 1: Wow, that is a clever observation. Do it again!

Person 2: *Emote*

Person 1: Thank you!

Or in other IM chatter:

Person 1: dude we totally won our first game today!

Person 2: FTW! *Emote*

Person 1: xD
by oneilleo July 29, 2008
Giving off an emo vibe.
Person: Did you see that chick? Talk about emote.

Random Guy to Annoying Girl: EMOTE!
by Sahara April 21, 2005
Abbreviation of emoticon.
Paul: Hey Dave, check out my new emotes!

Dave: Dude, your emotes suck compared to mine.

Paul: STFU.
by Atomik Spongeface July 10, 2008
To be very emotional about a person, place, or thing. the word is a bugbear of grammar purists.
Every time Shirley goes to San Francisco, she'd emote about the hiking trails near the Presidio.
by pentozali October 18, 2006
A remote that hurts itself by forcing its batteries to leak acid.
Panasonic remotes = Emotes!
by kinsho August 07, 2007
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