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5 definitions by Hubs

No, not the SUV, an extremely pleasureable type of oral sex which involves the female humming to create a vibrating sensation in the penis during oral sex.
by Hubs June 20, 2003
more commonly known as "Neon underbody kit" it is a series of 4+ neon tubes bolted to a cars frame to give the effect of a car gliding along on a glowing surface. If you want a good example, watch the Fast and The Furious a few times.
Fast and the Furious...
by Hubs August 03, 2003
Spoken in pig latin to reveal a homosexual saying.
by Hubs June 20, 2003
generally used in internet talk, means to express an emotion of some sort is generally preceeded and followed by a *, or ::, or <> to show a feeling or emotion you are having while conducting written conversation.
by Hubs June 20, 2003
Short for "Fuck Tard"
BK loves having his head looking like a shaved testicle, what an FT!!!!
by Hubs July 12, 2005