all along the lines of Emo, but more emotionally charged music then emotionally charged lyrics. This means, their are often heavy guitars and the occasional screaming.

also known as Emo-Screamo
Funeral for A Friend
by Luke June 15, 2004
developed from hardcore, but more melodical and "emo"tional, mostly lyrics about broken hearts, feelings, love...

you will cry if you hear it, it´s the best music in the world
finch, from autumn to ashes, f4af, thursday, soty, dismissed*, matchbook romance, taking back sunday, underoath (some), boysetsfire (some)...
by May 04, 2004
An early-mid 90s genre of music that combined post-hardcore and 80's emo. NOT to be confused with 'screamo' (meaning pop-punk bands that scream)
Examples include: Hot Water Music, Samiam, Mineral, Braid, Lifetime, Sunny Day Real Estate, Sense Field, Texas Is The Reason,etc

Examples DONT include: Finch, The Used, Story of The Year, Thursday
by Foryourlungsonly March 15, 2004
See emo.
That's so hardcore, it's emocore.
by MoonKnight November 27, 2002
Style of music, mixed primarily of punk and metal. The word "emo" comes from emotional. The word "core" comes frm hardcore. Hardcore + Emotion = Emocore.
Emocore is my favorite style of music.
by Patrick July 11, 2003
First look up "emo". Emocore is the hardest, most outrageous, and sometimes most annoying perversion of an otherwise quality subsect of punk rock. It should be noted that emocore may result from a poser trying too hard to be emo.
If anyone knows who "Strong Sad" is, he is a good example of such behavior.
That band was so emocore, they were almost too emo.
by Guy who hates pop punk January 29, 2003
Raw Hardcore mixed with emotional lyrics
Emocore is fuckin great. Poison The Well is my fav. band
by Grant July 17, 2003

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