Tight T-shirts, Tight pants, Odd Socks, Crazy Hairdo...Wuss. Gets dumped by his girlfriend allll the time and cries about it. a lot. listens to abnds like taking back sunday.
Oh, and dont forget the emotional poems... and tight pants.
"hey Emo Kid, Where'd you get your Shirt from?"

"Well, it all started when my girlfriend dumped me, and i was sooo depressed.....
....and thats where i got it from!

Hello? Hello?!!"
by PantsTheif April 17, 2004
Youth of the late 90's who listen to pop punk and commercial rock bands influenced by jawbreaker, fugazi, slint, indian summer, etc, but who do no know who jawbreaker etc. are. They tend to dress in black, have bad hair, write morbid poetry, ignore non emo kids, and feel that they and their music are somehow emmotional in ways others are not. See also: poseur, trend follower.
The emo kid was at a loss when asked whether heroin or husker du had more relevence to today's scene.
by Andrew October 03, 2003
someone who listens to emo and wanders around aimlessly looking miserable. usually has black hair with a sweepy bit across the front regardless of gender. never smiles.
oh my god, what happened? you look as miserable as an emo kid
by ellie August 27, 2003
Anyone who dresses in dark clothes, with baggy cargo pants with enough pockets to hold any guns they might want to bring to school. Usually covered in chains (enough that you can hear them before you see them). Probly listen to some band that the name itself makes you want to cut yourself. Wear gloves with the fingers cut off because for some reason only their palms get cold. Have grimy long hair, and most importantly, NONE OF THEM KNOW THEY ARE EMOS. It is proven fact that if you ask someone if they were emo or goth when they are covered in chains, crazy-ass band t shirts, or hair that looks like it hasn't been washed in a few weeks thats a foot long, they will answer, looking at you as if you just asked what color an orange is, and say,"I'm not emo!"
I started listening to some screamo bands and my friend said he had never seen an emo wearing Hollister before. I told him to hit me over the head with a frying pan if I ever came into school with 5 pounds of chains on my pants like one of those crazy emo kids.
by zmaante February 05, 2008
The "female" in a homosexual relationship
Because Bob takes it in the ass, he's an emo kid.
by Juan Delanoches Vasquez April 21, 2006
emo kids are well kids that are emo...
i am one kind of, but i dont have black hair im blonde but thats not my fault its just i look scary with black hair...
ooookkkk, movin on, they listen to music such as lost prophets, thrice, thursday, panic at the disco, mcfly...ur i mean funeral for a freind...
they were skinny jeans because they are skinny and like it.
they dont cut themselves thats goths, ughh shudder, they shud play guitar if they a proper one because playin the guitar is "cool". oh and they dont all write poetry or wear horn rimmed glasses
"ooh have you seen those skinny jeans in topman?"
"oh yars there just ravishing master emo kids!"
by ellie` April 05, 2006
Emo is short for emotional.Not all "Emo people" are emotional but the stereotype lives on and people always seem to think that.Emo kids are often depressed and confide in self=harm to re-assure that they are living and not in a distant world from others.
"am i really here?or am i just being ignored?"-Matt
by KelseystandsforEmo July 20, 2005

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