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i see all these people bag on emo kids and in truth if they ever get stuck in a hole then they can tell how it feels to be "emo" YES I AM EMO. the whole clothing thing is another way to show other emo people that they arent alone because inside every emo kid as much as life does suck and as much as some do cut (i dont myself) everyone wants to know they arent alone. alot of things can make someone emo and most have been pointed out but unlike most of the jerks who try to bring me down i know how to be a man and let other people live their lives accepting that we are all different. just because i want to wear make up and tight girls jeans why do i deserve all the hate that gets put on emo kids? i know this isnt much of a definition but to anyone who reads this try to understand that we cant help who we are inside.
EMO KID: im just sad thats all
GIRL: i want to hug you
EMO KID: eek get her off of me!
GIRL: you get me all excited then you shoot me down!
EMO KID: ok you can hug me.......but only for a second or two..

by lats September 18, 2005

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