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amazingly talented lead singer of My Chemical Romance, amazing singer, writer, and artist, he has been through a lot in his life and has the ability to put into words what most people can only think. oh yeah, hes so damn sexy....
gerard way is so talented and sexy!
by xblacktornheartx March 29, 2005
person who listens to good music (emo)which is about emotions, coping, problems with society, being alone, and all the emotions people are actually feeling. the difference between emo kids and the other preps, jocks, and all them is that the emo kids aren't afraid of being rejected by the cliques and will admit that they arent ecstatic and they dont do so well all the time. emo kids are quite usually judged because of their amazing clothing style, and also because they are in tune with their senses and their world. they look past to see an actual meaning to everything. the music is not shallow, meaningless shit but it represents what is real.
the emo kid was sitting in his/ her room, up all night, writing about how unfair life is.
by xblacktornheartx March 29, 2005
person who is picked on because of their amazing emo clothing style, being in tune with their world and senses, and not being afraid of rejection by the popular people. they write to release, and are not afraid of their feelings.
the emo kid was up all night writing poetry.
by xblacktornheartx March 29, 2005
amazing artist, only person who can get away with the whole greasy- hair- but- still- really- hot thing (other than gerard way) im gonna see him in a month or so at the college thank god hes so effing hot!!!!!
omg ur so hot just like bert!
by xblacktornheartx March 31, 2005

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