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Greatest band ever!
Did you get their new ced? Every fucking song on it ROCKED!
by lexxi September 13, 2003
oh my.. an emo kid.. first off.. most kids get mistaken with emo kids and posers.. (scene kids).. the posers are the ones who show off their scars and cuts to people. they only cut for "fun" and to be "cool". they listen to emo music and dress emo cause they think its "cool" and will make them "popular". those are not emo kids.. why doesnt anyone understand that?

most emo kids will be wearing mostly all black and have written some depressing dark poems and depressing lyrics about heartbreak. some wear the studded belts. some go to hot topic. they hate labels. they usually dont listen to known bands such as fall out boy. their hair is usually a dark color or dyed. they might have black nail polish on and the straight up emo guys will have black eye liner on. most emo kids now do not wear the black thick rimmed glasses. the definition for emo has changed over the years. some emo kids hate being called emo.. and rarely will u find an emo kid who is proud to be "emo".. the kids who say their emo and label themselves are the posers.
"look everyone! i cut myself yesturday!"

"labels are lame and popular bands.. do kinda.. suck.."
-emo kid
by Lexxi December 06, 2005
when your feeling hyper (the definiton of when your around me!) :P
by lexxi August 02, 2003
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