Most commonly used to denote a style of music that makes the Spice Girls look like Pantera. Men who listen to this generally are not men and could be beat up by five year old girls and their pet kittens.

This word is less commonly used to describe the type of people who listen to the aforementioned type of music. While these people certainly do suck, it is not all their they are only following the latest trend.
Dashboard Confessional is a perfect example of Emo

I went to visit my Emo friend today but he was too busy crying over the ant he had accidentally stepped on
by DTEC March 22, 2006
A teenage poser who thinks he/she is punk rock but is way too pussy to listen to real punk rock so they listen to pop-punk which is technically not even punk because punk is supposed to be underground. Emos try to act hardcore by cutting themselves but actually just make themselves look like total crybabies. Emo isnt real because it is just a bunch of preppy kids who want to be hardcore or different. Please kids! Dont become emo when you get into high school because being emo is the same thing as being preppy, because everybodys doing it!
Preppy guy1: Im sad right now so Im gonna dye my perfectly ok blonde hair black just to show all of my anger and frustration at the world!

Preppy guy2: Yeah Im gonna do the same thing and Im gonna listen to really hardcore music like Dashboard confessional !

Emo-kid: Yeah! now I have people to be emo with! Lets make out and get mad at people for calling us gay!

Metalhead: Shut up you stupid gay-ass emos!

Juggalo: *Attacks emo kids*
by Demon E. June 02, 2007
A type of person who hates themselves, and dresses in all black. They aren't goth, but they dress almost the same. Many times, people who are emo say they want to kill themselves but never do it. They should assist society, and either stop saying it or just kill themselves.
I'm so emo. I want to kill myself, but I'm just going to cut myself instead.
by Haggis McGee May 16, 2007
hot people that have cool hair, that is black. sometimes cut themselves, wear skinny jeans and tight shirts, listen to bad ass screamo like heavy heavy low low and blessthefall. they are amazingly HAWT and rad.
i wish my lawn was emo, so it could cut itself, yo.
by Sheltizzle November 25, 2007
1.)type of music, a croos between goth punk scremo
2.)type of lifestyle or label
1.)My Chemical Romance, The Used, Fall Out Boy, Matchbook Romance, the Cure
2.)Emo people or emos are basicly wana b goths, the usaly consist of guys tht have tight pants tight shirts Vans shoes, black hair over the eyes. Also consist of girls tht drees just like the guys but have about a million "sex braclets"
The myth of emos cuting there wrist is fake. Most emos have emotional problems from being spoiled or just being dark and deprest
emo is a music genre... not a stereotype... MMK?
you can be emo by being emotional (and being emotional doesn't mean sad... it can mean happy!!!))
but you can't be an emo coz you were dark clothes and listen to special music... thats just gay....
if you call yourself emo... GET A LIFE!!!
calling youself emo is like calling yourself metal, or house or rnb.... its physically IMPOSSIBLE to be a music genre!!!
oh and slitting your wrist is not emotional... its just gay.... so either get help or get it over and done with and kill yourself...

loser: i'm emo
person next to try hard: get a life you fucking retard
by Queen Vince August 31, 2007
A white, middle class person that hates life because everyone else does and thinks it's cool to not conform to society, even though they're all conforming to other emos.
#2 Waste of space on society, wasting electricity for their constant myspace sessions and running up hospital bills for when they cut themselves.
#3 Listen to screamo metal such as my chemical romance and bullet for my valentine then quote pointless lyrics for their myspace name for people to realise just how much their life sucks.
Emo 1: "Dude my life is so crap :( i only have 2 comments on my new photo."
emo 2 : Yeah that sucks..wanna do pc4pc?
by Owen Mitchell August 09, 2007
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