bad music. also equivalent to metal as demonstrated by the following equation:

Emo = Bad music
Metal = Bad music
Therefore, emo = metal, because they're both bad.
Gorthus: Man Bullet for my Valentine is sooooo good and Red Hot Chili Peppers suck!
Kevin: Stop dissin good music and saying emo music is good. Clown.
by xMrSprinklesx October 12, 2007
a bunch of whinny whimps who can't think of anything better to do with there life other than sit and cry and slit there wrists cause they feel like they have problems with the rest of the world and killing themselves will make them happy...stupid emo kids...always smokiing cause it makes them fell happy and self rightous like they are so cool cause they cry all the fucking time...
1 emo goes to the mall to hang out with some more emos...they go outside, light a cig, and start to cry like babies while smoking, then everyone walks bye and is like " whoa, look at those stupid emo kids, why don't they go get a life"...emos suck!!!
by someone else who dislikes emos August 14, 2006
The name for derivative teenagers who try their very hardest to be "cutting-edge" by either telling literally the whole world (by that I mean classroom) that two men kissing is soo erotic, that their spoilt, middle-class existence is driving them to suicide and by shouting SEX! DRUGS! every 5 minutes. Also fond of throwing random tantrums, a la tortured rich kid Marissa from the OC
Emos are easy to point out:
1.tight black jeans
2.scrappy, anime-inspired hairdo
3.Neon jewelry
4.Enough eyeliner to rewrite the Da Vinci Code with
by Kralyaxxx July 14, 2006
When a person, usually a guy, is prone to crying about things such as girls who don't like them, projects that don't work, shoes that are falling apart, bikes that get stolen and the fact that they want to go back to Mexico. It is a trait that is predominant in guys named Dan.
Also: a genre of music popular amongst Long Island high school students in the late 1990s/early 2000s.
"Dan is so emo. All he does is whine about how hard it is to talk to girls."

"Ugh. Don't you know that emo hasn't been cool since 2004."

"Dan is so emo. He busted a hole in his new Adidas sneakers, and started to cry."

by Steph-ah-knee February 04, 2009
a person who trys to be depressed to attract the oppisite sex or sometimes the same sex
"my life is spiralling down
by James hotham March 05, 2007
emos are the most anoying off all groups of people. they have poisoned a lot of the rock and metal culturer and turning it in to a boring homosexual and suicidal shit i my self am a metalhead and would love to kill them all together i would rather be a chav than an emo
emos- i want to die
metalheads- go kill yourself then u anoying basterd
by sloth weed September 26, 2006
Stupid kids who think that the world rotates around them. They feel that the world hates them for who they are. They let out their anger on the world by making crappy music which should be burned and pissed on. DOWN WITH EMO!
Guy 1:hey mr sad teenager, whats wrong?

Emo kid: I hate my life because it sucks

Guy 1: Well it cant be that bad

Emo kid: Yes it is, im going to cut my wrists.

Guy 1: what about all those third world children living in poverty.

Emo kid: They dont understand man, i am far worse off than that.

Guy 1: But you have loving parents and a place you can call home.

Emo kid: No i dont i burned my home.

Guy 1: why?

Emo kid: so more people could feel sorry for me.

Guy 1: cock.
by 70schild May 22, 2005

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