An image gallery on No seriously, it's becoming a Joke. O_O!
Heh lets look at the Hot Chicks on the UD Emo Gallery!
by PH34R April 20, 2005
Emos are not Gothic at all, they don't dress up like Goths, they do not act like Goths, they do not talk like Goths, they don't listen to same music as Goths and they don't have the same hair style as Goths.

Emo stands for emotional and that is exactly what Emos are, there is no way of identifying them except if you see them cutting themself.

If you ever see a guy with black clothing and black hair, Immeditly think of Gothic people, not Emos.
Someone- Hey look at that kid with a yellow shirt on and some jeans! He looks nice with that blond hair!

Someone else- Oh look! He is cutting himself! He is one of the Emos!

Someone- Let's not bother with him.
by Ethan25 July 14, 2010
Emo, noun. Sub-genre of really pathetic people, who give goths, and people with real emotional problems a bad name. Usually found listening to old-school cd players and over-sized head-phones. Reason, they want to be different. They fail at this because they are all different together. Usually they even look the same. Fringe of jet-black hair to covering the right or left 2/3 of their face. Girls usually wear skin tight black jeans, guys steal their girlfriends' jeans. And make up. And sex-toys. And ex boyfriends. Emo's usually complain about how no-one understands them, that's because no one cares about a snotty rich kid who creates fictional problems because they're bored and have too much money. If you want to find out more about emo's go to your next, 30 Seconds to mars, Hawthorne Heights, or <insert mildly angsty band name> to view them in their full, sad splendour.

You are emo if you started crying after the second sentence.

Also, there is nothing more entertaining than making fun of an emo. I personally sleep on a waterbed filled with the tears of a thousand emo's.
EMO: Isn't it possible for two, or four guys to make out, naked and not be gay?

I'm so sad, I'm going to write poetry in my diary and listen to my favourite band, June in December. Thank God mom pre-heated my razor blade for me, I don't like it when it's cold.
by EmoBasher 101 December 07, 2007
Both a style and a type of music. the style is that boys were girl pants and tight sweaters and shirts. hair for both boys and girls covers most of the face and can be dyed purple,green,red,etc... the music includes popular bands like Fall Out Boy and Aiden. Usually emos are sad and depressed and some cut themselves.
"waw waw waw....sob sob sob..... my chemical romance just killed themselves. i am going to bleed my self now becuase im emo."
by mateo chavez August 05, 2007
one nameless crowd of knobs with bad hairstyles, they all look the same (depressed) which is probably why they are all (depressed) and they usually have rings or some shit hanging out of their faces. (if you can see it behind the bad hairstyle) often these people are noticed to be crying for no reason at all
Get a haircut you emo piece of shit
by Skinna July 23, 2007
emo-may apper to be a goth, but actually shows signs of feelings and life. usually cut themselves because of depression or as a way to blow off steam. they wear scarves, tight pants, and dark shirts. they listen to taking back sunday, my chemical romance or dashboard confessional.
note: dont be mean to them just cuz their different, this definition was not ment to offend anyone.
emo girl:my mom took away my knief.
emo boy: that sucks, you can borrow mine if you need to.
by any spare names? June 13, 2007
They are middle to upper class teens and young adults who wern't tuff enougf to make it as punkers and to much of a pussy to pull off goth. I think It's kinda like if punk and goth had a baby but the mother did drugs and drank the whole time she was pregnant and Emo is the result of that. It's a fad for bord kids hailling out of the suburbian empire who have to much money and time on their hands(I am sure it's not cheap to be a posser ) and feel like their not getting enoughf attention from mommy and daddy so as a result they love bask in their imaginary melodrama and create shit to pretend be depressed about so they can play the part of the missunderstood abused victim and go write in their blogs and tell the world how hard their life is.
They spend a lot of money to look the part I.E. greesy blacked out hair, body peirceings(sometimes fake)a goth style make-up job, jewlery, but then spend their time crying and whineing about how hard it is to be them and how they don't fit in with anyone and about how no one understands them and the way they feel about things and cry because no one loves them their not punk and their not goth neither group wants to claim it because it's so lame so they call themselfs "Emo".
by ~Angle~ April 27, 2007

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