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Okay, lets get things straight here. Emo kids are actually sometimes the coolist people around. Okay, okay. Just because I said you'd be "cool" dont brand yourself emo cus thats just stupid...
Emo kids are usually picked on, or mocked. In fact, kids who get mocked for being emo may not even be emo. Prime example, at school i have two freinds. They spend there lunchtimes singing to Panic! and MCR (badly i must say, but they are entertaining) due to this, our table at school has been branded the "emo table" oooookay. Theres no logic in that! I mean, we all like listening to rock music (thus that may be why we have our brand -emo table) but whatever!

Noooow. If you wanna find a TRUE emo kid, lets look for the common signs, no? (boys)
. Usually long hair that covers an eye. Sometimes also be spiked at the top. Usually dyed black, or can be brown. (Emo boy hair is hawt <3)
. Black eyeliner. Yep, emo boys wear eyeliner XD
. Heavy rimmed glasses, usually black. Classed as "nerd glasses
. Tight t shirts that may have a symbolic meaning. Also they usually wear a black hooded jumper with a band logo on the back
. A messenger bag with pin badges of bands up the strap
. Maybe skinny jeans designed for woman...
. Ever converse all star or vans
. Wrist bands

-Clothing is about the same for emo girls.

Right, and btw all emo kids DONT cut themselves! JEEEZ
Aw look at the emo kid. He has cute hair ^^
by TIAMOOON January 25, 2007
an emo kid isn't someone who sits in the back of class crying all day about how horrible the world is.they also don't sit at home cutting their wrists either{some do but not everyone}we're not morbidly depressed or obsessed with hurting ourselves.we do actually have the capacity to be happy.emo means emotional.we're more in touch with our feelings than your average person.we don't hate the world but rather see it as beautiful but also see how humanity has destroyed it{deal with it}the general bulk of a true emo kid's life is typically music.we listen to whatever we feel like because we like it not because it's"the current cool song" you can't define a true emo kid,they define themselves.
That emo kid staring out of the window writing poetry on the bus is the only who'll ever understand.
by KissKiss_BangBang September 10, 2006
a kid who listens to really good music wears wat ever he or she feels like is very intune with their emotions likes to write poetry. emo kids can be drugies or straight edge
people only talk trash about emo becauz either they dont fully undersand the genre or they see stupid ppl saying there emo cauz its a fad. emo kids do not always cry and arent all ways deppresed and do not cut them selfs 24/7.im and emo kid my self and i live a pritty nomal life the only reason im differant is becauz i dont like popularity im intune with my emotions and im artistic(though so are most ppl so that one doesnt count). i listen to underground and mainstream music as long as its good music. i listen to many forms of rock including emo, hardcore,punk,and metal. although some emo kids may be prity well off that doesnt mean they dont have feelings. u dont have to be poor and have abusive parents to be depressed i hope this has taught all u loosers out there that emo is not just a stupid fad run by preps.
an emo kid may have tight or normal pants or jeans,a tight shirt converse and a messanger bag or not w/e

good emo bands include the used my chemical romance alexisonfire underoath bright eyes get up kids saves the day death cab for cutie dead poetic from autum to ashes trice thursday

good hardcore bands with emo influences atreyu, avenged sevenfold eighteen visions converge comeback kid refused
by xDEJECTEDxTRAGEDYx November 22, 2005
how to identify an 'emo kid':

-they listen too emo music
-they let everyone beat them up/pick at them
-they hide in dark corners
-they cry all the time
-they slit their wrists
-wear old, dirty clothes
-have "emo hair"(short in the back and a long piece covering one have of their face in the front)
-usually don't have too many friends; sometimes none
-most have "emo glasses" or "nerd glasses"
-worship emo bands(my chemical romance/the used/taking back sunday/hawthorne heights ect.)
-they're always sad or mad; NEVER happy.
-sometimes they like to scream
emo kid:*sitting under a tree*

random person:"hello."

emo kid:"LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!! *runs away crying*

random person:"...?"
by Heather May 14, 2005
an emo kid is a boy/girl who is deeply in touch with their feelings and is not affraid to show them, we often wear dark clothes, tight jeans and small shirts, studded belts and wrist bands. We are not gays or fags just because we are emo, we do whatever the hell we want and dont give a shit, often we will have alot of peircings ad chill in isolated areas, away from the norm (average preppy people) we love emotional music and we are not affraid to cry, we will have long dark hair that often covers atleast one eye we see this world as a beautiful place. We are often obbsesed with love and hearts, because we dislike hate <3
Hey, look at that emo kid sitting by himself, he's probably gonna start crying...
by HappyFacedKiller12 September 16, 2011
Emo is a term currently used to refer to a subculture of young people (generally teenagers) who wear dark clothing and act in a melodramatic manner. They tend to wear tight clothes, which are usually black. Both male and females will complain about their lives and their families, even if there is really nothing wrong. They will often claim that their parents hate them, even if their parents are actually very caring. They tend to be immature, since their melodramatic demeanor is usually the teen manifestation of brattiness.

The easiest way to reverse this behavior is simply not to put up with it, and to point out their bratty attitude to them (see example 1). It is important to provide the emo kid with both reassurance (see example 2), and tough love (see example 3) It is also important that you ignore any attention-seeking behavior.

The biggest problem with emo kids is that they emulate kids with depression, which makes it harder for the kids with actual problems to get help.Many emo kids write suicide poems for the attention, and as a result it becomes harder to spot the kids who are actually contemplating suicide.
EMO KID: My life sucks. My mom hates me. She won't give me money for the movies.
FRIEND: Your mom gave you money yesterday. You spent it all at hot topic.

EMO KID: I knew it. You guys hate me. Everyone hates me.
FRIEND: We don't hate you. You're just being immature right now.

EMO KID: My teacher hates me. Look, she gave me an "F" on my test. It's just so unfair. I work so hard, and I still fail.
FRIEND: You failed the test because you didn't study, and because you only answered half the questions. Suck it up. Some people have actual learning disabilites. Like dislexia, the one that makes some letters appear BACKWARDS? Take responsibility for yourself.

EMO KID: My life sucks.
DEPRESSED KID: mine too.
EMO KID: My parents cut my allowance just because I got an F on my test. And they wouldn't buy me any eyeliner.
DEPRESSED KID: Nothing I do is fun anymore, I can't sleep, I keep getting headaches, I can't remember the last time I had fun, and my parents grounded me for a month because I "stole" my step-mom's mascara. When I told them how depressed I felt, they told me to stop being emo.
by SomeTeenager January 20, 2010
Teenagers who are totally wrapped up in themselves (like all teenagers). They listen to corporate fed music deliberately designed to create yet another sub culture fashion statement for the purposes of selling product. They are following a trend carefully placed by marketing and advertising giants. They believe their rebellion? is there own as they are fed the belief everything is turning to shit. They will grow up and realise ALL of us are in the same shit and whineing about how hard done by they are is a futile waste of energy better spent getting on with it. In all fairness teens want to feel they are different and creative so another weird trend is no surprise.
Diary:I sat and cried listening to Murder Doll all night, then peroxided my really long fringe. I need more make up again.
Daddy can I have $500?
being an Emo Kid is so lame
by Spectre720 December 25, 2009