There are several different types of Emo Kids.

1.The Baggie Emo- Wears baggie jeans (usually bootcut). Wears long T-shirts usually baught at Hot Topic. Wears colorful T-shirts on laundry day, but makes it a point to tell everyone how much they hate the shirt and why they are being forced to wear it. Usually tries to avoid these days by resorting to washing the black shirts themselves when one's mother refuses. Whieght varies. Hardly any 'Baggie Emos' are skinny. Wears ratty converse ( hight-top or low-top) or large boots. Lots of bracelets, a choker or long chain, multple peircings, the typical emo haircut, usually wears black nail polish. Carries messenger bag with pins, patches, and black marker graffiti. Just as many cutters as non-cutters. May have an eating disorder, but not extreme enough to show. Doesn't talk much. Chatters constanly around friends and laughs a lot only around friends. Appears depressed around outsiders and makes threats that they never attended to carry out to anyone who talks to them. A great friend when you get past the threats. Some maybe gay or bi, but just as many are straight. Usually female, but there are males. Listens to typical roack and metal. May sneak some Oldies or the like. Despises Preps and hates Rap, Hip-hop, Pop, etc. Can not STAND wiggas or 'gangstas.' May do drugs.

2.The Skinny Emo- Always extremely skinny. Not always due to eating disorder, but an eating disorder isn't unusual. Usually wears black band T-shirts that are as tight as possible. Usually has a white, thin long sleeved shirt underneath. Always wears old converse of varrying colors usually high-top. Multipe piercings. Usually plays an instrument. May carry drum sticks in back pocket. Typical emo haircut. Carries messenger bag with pins, patches, and black marker graffiti. Just as many cutters as non-cutters. Listens to all kinds of music. May be confused with a 'Punk.' Both genders wear eyeliner. May wear black nail polish. The Skinny Emo is rarely female. Some may be gay or bi, but just as many are straight. May do drugs.

3.The Wannabe Emo- Usually young. May see an older emo and can relate to them. Are positive they are Emo at heart, but not always true. Attempts the emo haircut, and wears too much emo jewelry and eyeliner. Wears too much black clothing. May slip up and forget to wear something. Draws on fake cuts or scratches themselves. Brags that they 'cut.' Boasts that they do drugs, but most do not actually do them. Most will pass this wannabe phase, but some will progress to full 'Emo-ness.'

These are just a few examples of emos. The following apply to all types of emos.

1.Some cut, some do not.
2.Some are gay or bi, some are not.
3.All hate preps, but may have some friends who are preps, but try to recruit them.
4.Most are happy with themselves and will fight any suggestions of phsychiatry.
5.Some really have attempted suicide.
6. Most do not call themsleves emo, but will to defend themselves when they are called Goth, Punk. etc.
8.Half do drugs, half do not.
9. All listen to rock-type music, and all relate to the lyrics. It's all about the lyrics!!!!
10.Seem depressed to everyone but their friends. Laugh a lot when around their friends. Some bottle up their feelings, which may cause random bursts of severe emotion, which may lead to suicide, cutting, or deppression.
11.Most have had people (teachers, parents, family, close friends) suggest or threaten with mental help.
12.Majority are into anime and manga.
13.Most don't like to talk.
14.Like to write, whether it be poems, songs, or stories.
15.Most are very intelligent.
16.Love the world, just not its inhabitants.
17.See the earth as a beatiful thing that is being ripped apart by humanity. Something needs to be done.
18.Use big words.
19.Trashes about the government and society's labels.
20.Hates authority.
Emo Kid: Dude, turn that rap down!!!!!!!!!!
"Normie": Goth!
Emo Kid: *Flushes angrily* I am not Goth! I'm...emo...
"Normie": *Laughs* Go slit your wrists emo!
Emo Kid: *Eyes flash with anger and punches the normie.* Idiot. *Picks up book, slings messenger bag over shoulder and walks away. Hands in pockets, head down, hair in eyes. Eyes smiling slyly.*
by XxFading SmilesxX September 10, 2006
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COOL EMO KID: doesnt care what ppl think, likes a good band whether they are on mtv or not, and won't stop listening to some band just cuz everyone suddenly 'discovered' them. they do nothing to make ppl feel bad for them, and want no ones sympathy. they give everything a chance before deeming it cool or uncool. and if they want to kill themselves, they do it. they dont shop regularly at hot topic, but dont' completely disregard it. if there's something they want to buy, they go for it, and dont deny they bought it there. most of what they wear is from hand me downs, a garbage, a thrift shop, or was found. they dress how they want, and never deliberately try to piss ppl off or 'rebel'. if they do something rebellious, it is not just to be rebellious, it is because they want to/believe in doing it. they respect people who dont want to put drugs in their body, but some COOL EMO KIDS do drugs because they feel like it

ANNOYING EMO KID: those kids who regularly max out daddy's credit card at hot topic and tell everyone how depressed they are and that they cut their arms up every night wanting to die (ok...where are the scars?). they only listen to 'underground' bands adn immediately stop when someone they think is popular or preppy starts to listen to them, or they see them on mtv (which they claim never to watch, but they still do). they intentionally do stupid and rebellious things trying to make authority figures mad, thinking it's cool. these people are attention-craving, tasteless, abnoxious emo kids. anything popular is completely disregarded to them. they also tell ppl that they think drugs are sooooooooooo cool, but are scared to do them, but do them anyway because they think it'll make them cool
COOL EMO KID: that guy wearing some vintage tight tee and dirtied up black chuck taylors who is genuinely sincere and tells everyone what he thinks (tho never rudely unless he is already pissed at them)

ANNOYING EMO KID: the guy who draws on a bruise to make ppl think his dad hits him and who only talks to other ANNOYING EMO KIDS
by rose m. January 23, 2005
The stereotype for a kid(13-19) who has a lower tolerance for sad emotions, and feels inadiquet of their own personal worth(feels like they arent good enough). Many emos feel so depressed that they resort to cutting to themselves. Emo boys often weird girls pants and dye their hair black, with a pyrimid spiked belt, and tight tee shirts(usualy black). It is known that emos have a kind of rule that 2/5 of their face must be covered by hair, although it is actualy a subconscious feeling of wanting to cover up their sadness(eyes).
She's too good for me.

What is the point of my life?

I hate everything.
by sushiman09 August 29, 2005
A social classification that has been bastardized by scenesters, rich preps, and wannabe goths united. A true emo kid does not label him/herself as being "emo"...often this label is foisted on him or her against the alleged emo kid's will. True emo kids listen to whatever the hell music they feel like, and it is often poetic or expressive. Emo is not a clothing style, cutting your wrists, or being a frequent buyer at Hot Topic. Those who call themselves "emo" are most likely just trying to be "scene" and have really screwed up the genre through wearing generic, borderline gothic clothing that all their sad little friends wear.
FAKE EMO KID tries to be emo because it is "scene" at the moment. Is often rich and frequents expensive stores like Hot Topic to cultivate a flawless emo image. May go so far as to draw fake scars in strategic locations so as to look depressed and suicidal. Claims to listen to indie bands that no one else has heard...and neither has the fake emo kid.

TRUE EMO KID was most likely emo before this was a stupid fad. May shop at hot topic, but only if they actually like the clothing, not because they think it will make them look cool. Probably classified by friends and others as "emo"...the label is often not self-professed in the case of the true emo kid. Doesn't give a shit whether music is mainstream or just has to be artistic.
by An Unnoticed Musician July 26, 2005
One who rejects "pop culture" and joins the counter-culture realm. Usually has ideas contrary to popular opinion and seeks to gain a better understanding of life through artistic venues. May appear depressed, have black or red hair, and dress in a way that is contrary to what is popular. Thrift stores, art, coffee shops, underground music, and poetry are usually of great interest. Contrary to popular opinion, though an emo kid may seem depressed, within their own group there is an element of deep understanding and friendship. Emo kids see the world as beautiful, but its inhabitants as lost and depressing.
That good will shirt is so emo.
by Artsy.not.emo October 05, 2003
You guys obviously know nothing about emo people. If you ever actually go to a concert full of emo kids you'd see that..yes, the music has truthful lyrics that are mostly about a person reacting to a sad that all of us can relate to. But you'd also see that almost everyone there is happy or laughing about something and our bands are usually telling jokes about something or pointing out good things in life. Yes, we dress in band shirts ,jeans and studded wristbands and belts and some of us wear a type of emo-punkish bordering on gothic clothing (Those of you who are familiar with My Chemical Romance know what I mean). Emo kids are not pussies and we're not miserable. We're in touch with our feelings and we're comfortable with the way we feel. We are very in tune with ourselves and with one another (even if we dont know each other)and if you see us with our friends you'd see that we're usually laughing. Yes, we do always look very loving and we are very loving and approachable. We also do not spend our time making fun of others, we respect who they are and leave it at that..maybe you preppies and "real hardcore punks" could learn a few things from us. Oh and by the way, MOST OF US DO NOT WEAR BLACK RIMMED GLASSES ANYMORE! and we're also not all white and extra small bodied either. Update yourselves a little bit.
"As long as there's good music to listen to and good rock concerts to go to, I don't think that any of us should ever feel alone." - Bert (The Used)
by Jen January 04, 2005
1) The fans of emo music (emocore, emotional hardcore), a music genre consisting of hardcore rock with angsty lyrics and a good dose of screaming. The singers/screamers of emo music are typically relatively young guys with feminine voices. Emo bands are also (in stereotype) primarily from New Jersey.

2) The style of clothing stereotypically worn by fans of emo music. This consists of, in general: tight band t-shirts or vintage 80's t-shirts, longer (messy) hair often died black, tight (usual girl's) pants, shoes by Vans or Converse, messenger bags, anything checkered (usually black-and-white or black-and-pink), studded belts, thick-framed glasses, neckties, etc.
(Note: girl emo kids often cut their hair short in the back and angled down in the front, less often died black)

3) The mood that stereotypically displays being an emo kid. They are generally considered the subculture of high-school, and while sometimes referred to as manic depressive or "cutters," are usually quite social. Very romantic, often downtrodden. More realistically, teenagers who listen to heavy music and have no qualms with displaying their emotions. (ie, don't feel the need to prove themselves as "bad-@$$," like many rock fans.)
Emo kids listen to many of the following bands: Thursday, Death Cab for Cutie, UnderOath, Fallout Boy, Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance, As Cities Burn, etc.

See also: punk, emo
by Latency September 27, 2005
They dont want to be like everyone else. I personally am sick of seeing wiggers who think they are ghetto, but u dont see me bringing them down. We just like to listen to our music and relate to it. We dont want to bother other people so we deal with it differently..soo whats wrong with that?
the person with the headphones at lunch .. ; They want Love from a relationship not just ASS.
by Kasia November 17, 2004

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