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They dont want to be like everyone else. I personally am sick of seeing wiggers who think they are ghetto, but u dont see me bringing them down. We just like to listen to our music and relate to it. We dont want to bother other people so we deal with it differently..soo whats wrong with that?
the person with the headphones at lunch .. ; They want Love from a relationship not just ASS.
by Kasia November 17, 2004
When a guy has a quasi Asbergers condition that forces him to collect things. Most commonly women. Tamas is a condition that makes you do anything to get the woman of your choice..no action is too low. Lying, Cheating, Stealing, Shitting in your own pants whilst staking out a chicks house, Putting a profile of yourself up on the worst sex site in the world and stalking a chick.
This condition has no known therapy and no known cure. You are stuck with Tamas for life..its a curse!
Friend- "Dude! I think Danny has Tamas!"

Other Friend- "No Way! Thats bad news man, he's fucked for life."

Friend- "Yeh, he caught an STD and is still fucking as many chicks as possible, thats a sickness!"
by kasia November 09, 2013
a hobo iz anythin n everything
you're a hobo * bla*
diz drink tastes hobo * bla*
aww ur soo hobo *yay*
by KaSia January 02, 2005
Zeppelin is God!!!they rule all, and always will...for those of you who dont listen to the Led need to be shot, and brutally tortured...
Oh my Zeppelin!!!!
by Kasia December 20, 2003
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