Emma is a name for a girl who is smart and pretty. famous emma's include: Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Emma Roberts, Emma Thompson, Emma Willis, Emma Bowkletet, Emma samms, Emma Lazaurus.
Emma is so great.
by chinsdancing April 08, 2013
sweetest little honey flower ever with eyes that can melt you from any distance. Beautiful beyond description, wanted by all, rejected by none. More sex appeal than one man can handle
"Man she is gorgeous"
"you won't get her, thats an Emma"
by mooom February 03, 2010
The most awesome, down-to-earth, life-loving, music freak you could ever meet. She is beautiful and a usually happy-go-lucky person until you piss her off. She hates mainstream lovers, conformists, the government, and bad music. She is the perfect person for you.
Guys: Duuuuude, I wish I had an Emma.
Girls: I wish I was an Emma! I hate my life.
by Yvette97 December 27, 2011
Emma- a girl who is beautiful inside and out. She loves unconditionally and rarely ever likes someone, but when she does she falls hard. She is gorgeous and never a flirt. If you have an Emma in your life, don't lose her.
Guy1: I think I might ask Emma out.
Guy2: no, don't. She likes ____. Don't ruin it.
by E3<3 December 25, 2012
A really beautiful, confident girl who strives to succeed at everything. She's sometimes a goody-two-shoes, and excels in all subjects. Emma is pretty, sporty, really funny, and (occasionally) competitive. She likes summertime and loves to hang out with her friends. Although she's a really bold and sometimes quirky person, Emma is usually a perfectionist and she might be really hard on herself in private. She's a leader, not a follower, and everybody loves to be around her. She's usually friends with everyone, and hates to exclude others. Emma trusts people easily, and is pretty sensitive. She's empathetic, but often is too nice or naive.

She's also really pretty, although she's insecure about her looks sometimes. Almost every guy she knows is attracted to her. And she's HOT!
Girl 1: "I wish I was like that Emma!! Everyone just LOVES her!"

Girl 2: "I know, right! I can't believe how nice she is to everybody. I can just tell she's going to succeed in life."
by LoveAva April 26, 2013
The most amazing girl I've ever met. She is an amazing girlfriend. Loyal and with never-ending love. She has the most beautiful eyes and lips. She can make you smile even when you don't want to. She can make you want her when you dont want her. She always manages to brighten your day. Without a doubt the easiest person to get along with. She makes me laugh on my worst days and on my best makes me love her even more, which is almost impossible. More incredible than any girl on this planet. My favorite person on this planet. Easily the best girlfriend a guy could ask for. Anything she wanted I would give it to her. Love of my life.
Emma: "Do I know you?"

Boy: "No, but I know who you are."
by Anon44472728 December 05, 2011
An awesome girl who is friendly and beautiful. Usually talented at many things and has a good sense of humor.
Wow, she's a real Emma!

Emma is awesome at everything!
by Elemeno_P April 21, 2013
Someone who enjoys the company of her friends a lot, and is very loud and often hypo.
That Emma needs to settle down.
by FunnyShitAii May 24, 2009

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