A smart, sexy, steamy, foxy, passionate humanitarian usually characterized by brown eyes and a surreal smile. Often observed helping those in need and enriching the lives of everyone known to her. She is the love of your life, and deserves only the very best. Most often found in long distance and long term commitments. Meadows spring to life when one walks by.

Also known as a Brown Eyed Girl or Em
Dude #1: Did you see that babe in the club last night?

Dude #2: Fuckin right! That girl was such an Emma
by Gregor M January 20, 2009
Translating to "Blood" in greek, emma is a common name in todays society. Generally, Emma's are found to be quite sexually active, and can be quite overwhelming at times.
1. " Whoa, the chick is so emma! she is really giving it to him!"

2. Emma wants george in the panties

by Aima March 29, 2008
the one girl who you cant get over, no matter what, the girl of your dreams who;s perfect in every way and who never ceases to amaze you
she is such an emma
by Corbett1313 February 09, 2010
She has an amazing personality, is always smiling and is a lovely person.
Absolutely stunning.

All the boys want her, even though she claims they fancy her mates.
Great at dancing, always smiling.
Everybody loves her.
Can cheer anyone up when they’re feeling miserable.
Obsessed with Robert Pattinson, Twilight & Edward Cullen.
She will become very famous for discovering a new species of animal.
Everyone wants to be her friend, because she is the most wonderful.
"wow, i wish i was like emma"
"doesnt everyone?"
by Sally Tiger May 17, 2009
the cutest, nicest, smartest girl in the world
isn't emma so nice, sexy and smart?
by ace97 November 09, 2011
emma is like totally friggin amazing! there is no better friend! and she is drop dead gorgeous! plus all the guys want her. she is sexy too ;)
"Whoa man! Look at that Emma!"

"I wish I was an Emma...."
by emma'sBFF September 23, 2009
From the Old German Root language, it means "Nurse". She is loving & caring and has endless energy.
Emma always will help me out when I am not feeling so great.

She will work till the end of her tasks, she never gives up.

Emma respects all her surroundings and is a loving person. She'd make a great friend for anybody.
by emma0726 April 12, 2009
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