A gorgeous girl with beautiful eyes and a perfect personality.
she's always insecure, but shes got lots of beauty.
smart girl.
Did you see Emily this morning?

Yeah! She's got pretty eyes!
by ededdneddeh August 06, 2015
The most amazing girl you will every meet. She's sweet and innocent. She is like a little sister to everyone even if she is older than them. She's an old soul. She's wise beyond her years though she doesn't show it. If you find an Emily like this you better stick with her. She's great with children and is the dream mom. This is the girl that you take home to momma but can still enjoy ;) yourself with. She knows how to be a proper lady but also be a tom boy and will be happy to stay home and watch Netflix and play video games with. You may have to teach her a few things but thats half of the fun. Be slow with her. This is the girl that you will overlook at first glance but if you take the time to listen and watch her - you will be glad you did. She's the girl.
BOY 1 : Hey. You wanna chill tomorrow at my house?

BOY 2 : Nah. Dude. I made plans with that girl Emily from history class.

BOY 1 : Eww.. Why?

BOY 2 : Because she's super chill.
by LucasThough May 14, 2015
a bish ass hoe who is boss
look at the hoe
oh yeah that's emily
by kyseibers April 12, 2015
Emily is such a kind girl. She does anything to make people happy.She has little to no self confidence. She is usually has a talent for music .(singing,band) she is usually paired with a luis. She can get somewhat depressed quickly but foremt last long. She usually has nicknames like emmI. She is also sensitive but whenm someone makes fun of her friends shes not going down without a fight. She fights for whats right. She is usually tall with long hair. She has a brain disorder like ADD or ADHD .She is extremely funny and makes everyone laugh
Whos that girl making all those people laugh ? Oh thats emily
by Luis+emmI December 29, 2014
Extremly pretty and nice! Love's dance, and a amazing netballer.
She's a amazing dancer, she must be an Emily!
by leila May 01, 2015
Was a human being with feelings. Then after being cyber bullied for too long gave up and gave in. On her terms ends her life and gives them no idea when where and thus ends their game.Police no help and always hopeful that they would end up being nice. Gave up hope.Finally.
Emily became her own victim of hope
by humanbeing1 December 04, 2014
a raw individual
friend 1: she's raw
friend 2: she's an emily
by emraw November 30, 2013

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