usually grows up to be a stripper because she couldn't mount to anything else
wow have you seen emily lately shes such a stupid slut
by bitchinprogress November 15, 2014
She is my best friend there is no else one like her she has always been there for me and means the world to me i love her a lot and i know I've maybe done or said some stupid stuff to her but i regret all of it many of these other definitions say shes beautiful ad shes the best but where she is most beautiful is on the inside a side where only some people have seen and those are the fortunate ones like me and always will be to have someone like her by my side now that is emily
A great example is Emily Rivera and she knows who she is
by Her bestfriend#1 December 16, 2013
a girl who thinks she is amazing and beautiful. But - don't talk to her for too long, she'll trap you with stories and keep talking until you feel like covering her mouth with duck tape. That's ok though, she is usually very nice and funny, also kind of popular.
Jim: Hey I saw you with Emily - she has a really nice ass !

Bob: Emily is a hot girl but she wouldn't stop talking to me!! Although, it was pretty cool cause the whole time she never noticed me rubbing her boobs. ;P

Jim: Duuddee!! She is such an Emily! I have to find another Emily!

Bob: Why?

Jim: Duh! So that I can titty fuck her and she won't even bother!
by 20111..20293 January 04, 2015
fuckin ass HAT
by ldjsdkfhisdfushufi123 November 27, 2014
Emily cries a lot. She's probably crying right now. When she's not crying she's scissoring or processing. On really special days she scissors, processes, and cries at the same time. You know, typical Virgo shit like masturbating to that tumblr butches with babies and not laughing ever.
You gotta watch out for Emily, she will try to scissor you at the seven sisters meetup.
by scissor fuck November 01, 2014
The biggest bitch you will ever meet. Literally so prude she makes her less prude friends total bitches. Never bring her to a party, because she will just ruin it. Thinks anything sexual is rude, and will shit on people she doesn't even know. Somehow people like her, and will force you to invite her, but never do it unless you're holding a grudge against the party host. Is extremely ugly and full of herself. A complete and utter cunt.
"Dude, why did you bring Emily?"
"Ugh I'm sorry man, my friend made me bring her."
by Mollie-gae September 27, 2014
A total thot who loves using Molly recreationally, however her eyes are so sparkly. Thinks she's a bad bitch because she wears Prada but in reality she's pretty basic since she loves chipotle and can't even when her iced coffee isn't quite right
That thot is such an Emily
by Tt457 August 31, 2014

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