Emily is one of a kind. It would be hard to compare her to a purple pear shaped donut. But you can compare her to Dory (from "Finding Nemo") She's a fine piece of artwork to be a fish. She likes to be creative and inventive, she also really enjoys spreading the vaseline bottle on herself, wrapping herself up in glad wrap and pretend to be a snail.
Person 1: OMG i think i just saw a snail
Person 2: dude that was an Emily

Person 1: it looks like a Dory-Snail
Person 3: my name is Taylor R****** and i have a lot of feelings
by mr.mysterious (so serious) May 12, 2012
Emily is the most amazing person in the world :) You'll not find a more awesome person than her. So if your lucky enough to know her then hold onto her so tight and never let go because you've just found the best person you'll ever meet. Shes very beautiful and funny and everything a person could want. And she doesn't even know it. Love her with all you've got because she'll love you back. I wouldn't replace emily for anyone. Not one single person. Shes that great! And I love her, shes my bestfriend and always will be :D She's my sunshine :D She will light your life up. And make all the negatives in your life, seem less negative, by just listening.
emily, amazing, beautiful, funny, sexy
by SunshineLover17 April 11, 2010
a type of burp
a belch; eructation.
"did you just emily?"
"excuse yourself"
by carlina moss November 17, 2008
she is absolutly the most amazing person you will meet. she is kind to everyone and everything she can never say anything bad about anyone she is so pretty but people often dont see it because shes very modest the lucky ones who do see her insane beauty cant get enough of her and have to be around her all the time. she has a perfect clear snow white face and big beautfulll brown eyes that you could get lost in she has the most banging body and is amazing in every way
guy1: ohh damn look at her shes so pretty

jake : yah thats my gf emily
by shamshak July 14, 2011
My Sweet, she literally makes me feel like see can see straight into my soul, makes me not want to hide anything from her. Especially how much I love her.
Emily jumped and I caught her in my arms.
by sweethoney410 June 21, 2010
Emily is probably one of the bestest friends you could ever have. Though awkward at times, Emily's humor will always make you laugh. Whether she be talking of unicorns or her newest catch on Pokémon, she will always be fun company. And has fashion sense been mentioned? Out of all the girls you meet in a lifetime, Emily will probably have the most fashion sense out of them all. On top of that, with her amazing artistic talent, she can not only draw cute and unique outfits, but also put them together in real life. If you are lucky enough to find an Emily, don't lose her because she is someone who you can count on through thick and thin.
I wish I had a friend named Emily!

If Emily were a Pokémon, I'd catch her first.

Dude, who is that supermodel?
You don't know?! That's Emily.
by T-PAIN D-PINE June 16, 2010
A usualy ruse or abnoxious person, who can not admit when they are wrong. Usually hated by most everyone, secretly.
You are so rude/ you are such an emily
by danielnickleson May 25, 2014

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