Emily is the most amazing person in the world :) You'll not find a more awesome person than her. So if your lucky enough to know her then hold onto her so tight and never let go because you've just found the best person you'll ever meet. Shes very beautiful and funny and everything a person could want. And she doesn't even know it. Love her with all you've got because she'll love you back. I wouldn't replace emily for anyone. Not one single person. Shes that great! And I love her, shes my bestfriend and always will be :D She's my sunshine :D She will light your life up. And make all the negatives in your life, seem less negative, by just listening.
emily, amazing, beautiful, funny, sexy
#beautiful #amazing #funny #sexy #hot #awesome #great
by SunshineLover17 April 11, 2010
A dumb blonde bitch that uses a friend to get more friends then dumps the original friend and doesn't tell her why
Ew . Look at the girl. She must be an Emily
by HaterBitch1234 April 09, 2016
a bish ass hoe who is boss
look at the hoe
oh yeah that's emily
#boss #hoe #bish #emily #is sick
by kyseibers April 12, 2015
Was a human being with feelings. Then after being cyber bullied for too long gave up and gave in. On her terms ends her life and gives them no idea when where and thus ends their game.Police no help and always hopeful that they would end up being nice. Gave up hope.Finally.
Emily became her own victim of hope
#cyber #bullied #sighba bullee hope #lessemma #lee killed #sucided
by humanbeing1 December 04, 2014
Amazing,stunning and beautiful! Really trustworthy and kind. Ginger ones normallly aren't as nice. The best ones have sir names beginning with 'H'
"i really fancy this girl..."
"Obviously Emily H!"
#funny #kind #amazing #pretty #clever
by amazingbiatch February 09, 2013
Emily means "eager" its orgin is of course latin.
She's an Emily
#eager #emily #defintion #shes #one
by Sydney Calls January 08, 2012
Someone who could be considered lost in a large fruit-loop box.
Why are you acting so Emily today?
#emily #fruit #loop #chicken #marbel
by hidihi November 13, 2011
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