Grammar nazi, loving and ticklish person. One who is good in bed and very fun to be around. Tall and well breasted.
by ActionTrollStudios March 25, 2014
An amazing person gorgeous...And amazing at school ..Loves horses and nike a Sexy beast
If there was a guy and he said i love you you would know he was talking about emily.....

EMILY HAS A BIGGGGG BOOTY like huge.....................
by Jessica long January 15, 2014
She is my best friend there is no else one like her she has always been there for me and means the world to me i love her a lot and i know I've maybe done or said some stupid stuff to her but i regret all of it many of these other definitions say shes beautiful ad shes the best but where she is most beautiful is on the inside a side where only some people have seen and those are the fortunate ones like me and always will be to have someone like her by my side now that is emily
A great example is Emily Rivera and she knows who she is
by Her bestfriend#1 December 16, 2013
Kind of ugly but an overall nice person and usually likes to wear jeans and doesn't know if she is a tomboy or not
Emily: Am I a tomboy or a girly girly?
Everyone: a girly girl
by johnjohnjohnjohn6969 February 22, 2015
Emily is such a kind girl. She does anything to make people happy.She has little to no self confidence. She is usually has a talent for music .(singing,band) she is usually paired with a luis. She can get somewhat depressed quickly but foremt last long. She usually has nicknames like emmI. She is also sensitive but whenm someone makes fun of her friends shes not going down without a fight. She fights for whats right. She is usually tall with long hair. She has a brain disorder like ADD or ADHD .She is extremely funny and makes everyone laugh
Whos that girl making all those people laugh ? Oh thats emily
by Luis+emmI December 29, 2014
fuckin ass HAT
by ldjsdkfhisdfushufi123 November 27, 2014
usually grows up to be a stripper because she couldn't mount to anything else
wow have you seen emily lately shes such a stupid slut
by bitchinprogress November 15, 2014

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