She is a wonderful person! She can be a bitch at sometimes, but she admits it and means it! She is beautiful and has an awesome personality. She has very dark brown eyes and her hair matches too. She has a boyfriend that is perfect for her and they are so cute together. When someone is doing something that makes her mad or someone else mad she will let them know. She stands up for herself. She is very random and is really funny. She's really fast at running. I've known her since the first day of Kindergarden. She's really skinny and has an also awesome family!
I wanna be like her!
Are you twins with Emily!?
by Totallyrandominransom April 22, 2011
Is a kind hearted person who cares about every one so much that she sucked all my seaman out. She is nice person .
Emily will suck you
by Isuckdick February 19, 2015
A person who tries to be fucking better than everyone else
I hate emily
by Sassy1750 January 24, 2015
A girl that seems really nice but once you get to know shes a bitch face.
Dana: "Jen is such a fucking emily."
by ihavetits January 20, 2015
funny, and is known to make messes... but is most likely to pick them upp!
emily is the bomb.con
by umm.goodbye. January 17, 2015
Emily is such a kind girl. She does anything to make people happy.She has little to no self confidence. She is usually has a talent for music .(singing,band) she is usually paired with a luis. She can get somewhat depressed quickly but foremt last long. She usually has nicknames like emmI. She is also sensitive but whenm someone makes fun of her friends shes not going down without a fight. She fights for whats right. She is usually tall with long hair. She has a brain disorder like ADD or ADHD .She is extremely funny and makes everyone laugh
Whos that girl making all those people laugh ? Oh thats emily
by Luis+emmI December 29, 2014
A girl with a rather large arse, not too large that if you slapped it, it would shake until Christmas, but just large enough to make you dribble when she walks past.
Guy: mate she is such an Emily
by Ale hemming December 16, 2014

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