Oh my gawd Emily's are the sexiest prettiest people in the world. Everyone is jealous of them and wants to be them. Emily's are smart and sexy, and usually don't know how beautiful that they are.
All Emilys are silly and hilarious.
Boy 1: I'm dating a Emily and she's so gorgeous
Boy 2: I want a Emily I'm so jealous
by Brook_bailey December 13, 2014
Your best friend even though she can be a little crazy at times! She is nice pretty girl who really knows how to brighten your day. In her love life she'll find someone she likes and will attach herself to them like a Joey in a kangaroos pouch. She will deny anything just to be with them including breaking your friendships. She is usually loyal until a boy comes in her life and then she lies a lot.
"Are you guys dating?" Mary asked
"Yeah me and Christian are." Said Emily

"That's not what he said" said mary
by Yasssssssssssbae November 20, 2014
An amazing person gorgeous...And amazing at school ..Loves horses and nike a Sexy beast
If there was a guy and he said i love you you would know he was talking about emily.....

EMILY HAS A BIGGGGG BOOTY like huge.....................
by Jessica long January 15, 2014
She is my best friend there is no else one like her she has always been there for me and means the world to me i love her a lot and i know I've maybe done or said some stupid stuff to her but i regret all of it many of these other definitions say shes beautiful ad shes the best but where she is most beautiful is on the inside a side where only some people have seen and those are the fortunate ones like me and always will be to have someone like her by my side now that is emily
A great example is Emily Rivera and she knows who she is
by Her bestfriend#1 December 16, 2013
Emily is the name of a girl that is super sweet and nice. She may get herself overly attached to her boyfriend but, that doesn't make her any less adorable
My best friend is so attached to her boyfriend, but how could I be mad? She is so sweet!

Sounds like Emily
by Music:P May 30, 2016
Emily is someone who love you for who you are. She is beautiful but she doesn't know it. She is one you can cuddle and love until you perish. If you meet an Emily keep her close and never let her go. Her blue eyes will make you lose track of time, you will be immobilized. She has the voice of an angel, but she will deny it. She is someone you can spend the rest of your life with.
Aaron: I met an amazing girl last night but i cant remember her name.
Person: Oh, that must have been Emily.
by AaronTheCrusader May 20, 2016
An amazing human being, all around perfect. The type of person that you can hang out with for the rest of your life and never have arguments. Memes are their life, never take away the memes or that will cut you. They will support you through thick and thin, Emily is overall just a fantastic, beautiful, and intelligent person. (Also super cool)
Person 1: WOW! That human sure is very cool!

Person 2: Not gonna happen dude, that's Emily. Way out of your league.

Person 1: I'm sure that they are cool! *walks up to Emily* Hey bro!

Emily: Hey, what's up brotato?

Person 1: Oh nothing much, I just was wondering if you would like to join me in eating snacks and watching dank YouTube videos.


Person 2: M3m3s r stooped.

Emily: *hisses and kills person 2*

very cool person awesome I love you Emily <3
via giphy
by Lil d0rk Memer June 04, 2016
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