Emily's are usually annoying but you love them anyways, they have the best personality. If you don't have an emily in your life you are one lucky guy because their sheer awesomeness will tear you apart.
Dude have you met Emily

Yeah she ruined my life, but I loved every minute I spent with her
by I LOVE CAKE November 22, 2012
The sexiest girl you'll ever meet, her blue eyes are like an ocean of greatness. The right type of girl for any guy. Her hair is tempting to grab onto in bed, and her thighs-most delectable.
*Guy staring deep into eyes of Emily and thinking*
"She would be great to grab a hold of for a night ;)
by IamSexyURSexy July 07, 2011
She is a wonderful person! She can be a bitch at sometimes, but she admits it and means it! She is beautiful and has an awesome personality. She has very dark brown eyes and her hair matches too. She has a boyfriend that is perfect for her and they are so cute together. When someone is doing something that makes her mad or someone else mad she will let them know. She stands up for herself. She is very random and is really funny. She's really fast at running. I've known her since the first day of Kindergarden. She's really skinny and has an also awesome family!
I wanna be like her!
Are you twins with Emily!?
by Totallyrandominransom April 22, 2011
A girl with lots of spirit! she can be the most amazing girl you know, but she can also be a bitch. She is full of love for the world and will always be on your side! Lover of all things in the world, especially men. This girl gets around. Keep your eye out for a unicorn passing bye! most likely it will be an emily!
I wish emily was my best friend
by pll lover March 16, 2015
Is a kind hearted person who cares about every one so much that she sucked all my seaman out. She is nice person .
Emily will suck you
by Isuckdick February 19, 2015
funny, and is known to make messes... but is most likely to pick them upp!
emily is the bomb.con
by umm.goodbye. January 17, 2015
Your best friend even though she can be a little crazy at times! She is nice pretty girl who really knows how to brighten your day. In her love life she'll find someone she likes and will attach herself to them like a Joey in a kangaroos pouch. She will deny anything just to be with them including breaking your friendships. She is usually loyal until a boy comes in her life and then she lies a lot.
"Are you guys dating?" Mary asked
"Yeah me and Christian are." Said Emily

"That's not what he said" said mary
by Yasssssssssssbae November 20, 2014

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