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A highly attractive and sexually intriguing individual. A person who can be referred to as a Goddess. This person is very open-minded and is drama-free. A great friend and highly intellectual. Easy to love. You will never meet another person so unique.
"My life is so complete with Emelia"
by 3at M3 February 06, 2010
An amazing girl who can be seen as perfect in all ways, even though she'll never admit it. She is very beautiful and has an amazing personality, giving a great first impression to others. She has lots of friends, and inspires them all with an edgy and loveable spark which keeps them close for a lifetime. Not to mention it's ALWAYS interesting to talk to her with just about anything and everything! A talk with Amy can brighten anyones mood, and leave them feeling very happy (except only when they have to stop and go to bed). She is an awesome swimmer and has a sense of humour that rivals Abbott and Costello, and often makes up her own crazy words, which only makes you love her more! A day with Emelia is never wasted, and when you experience this you realise that nothing else can ever be as fulfilling. Emelias are also very good video chatters...... especially when using the mirror. (LOL)
The bestest bestbuddy ill ever have is Emelia
by SwimBeast June 11, 2012
An Emelia is the type of girl that you never want to let go. She'll always be there for you, and will always be on your side. If you happen to get an Emelia as a girlfriend, never leave her, she will be heartbroken if you do. She loves, laughs, and smiles easily, so she can always make you feel better, no matter the situation. Is always willing to stay up all night talking, and conversations with her are never boring.

An Emelia is also the 'smart' or 'responsible ' one in her group of friends. Is the most mature and avoids topics like sex, drugs, dicks, and other things. An Emelia also blushes easily and doesn't care, so if you love her, don't be afraid to make comments that make her blush.

Emelias also are beautiful. Their hair is long, eyes are bright, and their smiles, boobs, and butts are big. However, Emelias usually have low self confidence, so don't be afraid to tell them they are beautiful.

Emelias play sports, and lots of them. Sports could include softball, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, hockey, among others. However, she will go for the 'different' positions, suck as a catcher in softball, and goalie in soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, and hockey.
Evan: Who's that girl?

Skylar: That's Emelia.

Evan: Dayum! She's hot!

Skylar: Yeah, she is. Too bad she's taken.

Evan: Lucky bastard, whoever has her heart
by EWasHere May 25, 2013
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