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An exotic, creative woman who is unmatchable in intellectual ability and innovation. Emel's are spontaneous, wild and imaginative, yet when it is required they show great wisdom and diplomacy.
Person 1: wow that woman is awesome, she' s like nothing I've ever seen
Person 2: ye dude she's definitely an Emel
by Einusmachine May 26, 2012
its short for extra melanin aka the black man
slang for black man
fuckin e-mels robbed my store again
by wonderjewbrothers February 20, 2008
An Excess of freckles... having too many freckles
"That guy is emel"
by Sambo-mtb November 16, 2008
A GIRL's name, used in Tunisia but possibly of French origin since it used to be a French colony.
Hi Emel.
by kkjfgfh February 25, 2009