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2 definitions by Einusmachine

An exotic, creative woman who is unmatchable in intellectual ability and innovation. Emel's are spontaneous, wild and imaginative, yet when it is required they show great wisdom and diplomacy.
Person 1: wow that woman is awesome, she' s like nothing I've ever seen
Person 2: ye dude she's definitely an Emel
by Einusmachine May 26, 2012
20 3
An unimaginably attractive male who is a source of inspiration for all those around him. He is known for his huge endowment as well being an extremely generous lover. Jacques usually have incredible physiques that make women melt at a single glance.
Woman 1: oh my god that guy over there is amazing, and he keeps looking over at me
Woman 2: go for it he looks like a Jacque and they aren't available for very long
by Einusmachine May 26, 2012
20 15