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Eloise is a woman who just loves turtles.
"Eloise just loves turtles."
by Chipchip23 December 02, 2012
41 170
Eloise is amazing, but very crazy at the same time. slightly on the blondie side but she is wicked. even though she can be a control freak. we all love her. loves singing songs from the musicals. outloud, in every possible place.
OMG she is so totally doing an Eloise!
by AnnaBananaLionKing October 14, 2007
603 340
an amzingly awesome person who is never inconciderate
shes so nice, must be eloise
by yiewwwww August 23, 2008
316 297
my hero, she saved me from death. an amazing girl. love her and her organised ways.
* eloise blows* it wont come off!!
*eloise pulls it out of my arm*
by the little ginger fairy August 09, 2008
270 292
Beautiful, kind, caring, artistic, wonderful and amazing girl! Everyone loves her and thinks she is perfect. People love being around her because of her very feminine charm.
Hey, did you see the new girl?
Yeah! She's such an Eloise!
by eff.youu. December 10, 2010
173 238
A girl who will always bring a smile to your face no matter what. Her sarcastic ways make her more endearing but she is not a strong as she makes out. Unknowingly beautiful and full of charm.
wow she's a real Eloise.
by brooke527 April 11, 2011
166 242
Eloise is a word describing a thing that posesses some sort of amazing talent. Weather it was to be singing, acting, dancing or getting straight A's in something Eloise is a way of describing one who has great talent and is all rounded amazing.
Wow shes/he's amazing. She's/he's an Eloise.
by goopy doop July 10, 2011
77 202
Usually a brunette girl with a perky personality and cheerful voice which could make anyone smile. Known for hanging out with her best friend who are complete idiot's together who eat on the bus. Also afraid of going in a canoe and being attacked by "sharks". Attended a Justin Bieber concert together and get to crowed pumped with fist pumping and crazy dancing.
Today Eloise and I are wearing van's as it's van Sunday
When I say ... you say erghhh
by Georgina1345 July 31, 2011
57 185