Eloise is a word describing a thing that posesses some sort of amazing talent. Weather it was to be singing, acting, dancing or getting straight A's in something Eloise is a way of describing one who has great talent and is all rounded amazing.
Wow shes/he's amazing. She's/he's an Eloise.
by goopy doop July 10, 2011
Eloise is one of the most hilarious girls you could ever meet. She is friendly, has strong morals and is beautiful on the inside and out. She loves listening to Coldplay's "Yellow" with her best friend whilst crying in bed late at night after the school dance. Eloise is very supportive and only wants the best for people, which is what makes her such a great friend. She cares about her friends, and is there for them always, especially when her best friend raves on about her nephew. Eloise is over all amazing, and she really is the coolest person out!
Me: Oi Louis, why do you like bastian?
Eloise: Cause he's the bestian!
Me: Why don't you go for Brentifer?
Eloise: Are you kidding me?! I could never go out with a lunar eclipse!
by regina15 September 10, 2012
A girl who makes the dreams of a boy come true. She is beautiful, kind, intelligent and shy; she is the envy of everyone around her and is way out of her boyfriends league
Eloise is so cute, you are so lucky to have her
by JobieW January 01, 2014
Usually a brunette girl with a perky personality and cheerful voice which could make anyone smile. Known for hanging out with her best friend who are complete idiot's together who eat on the bus. Also afraid of going in a canoe and being attacked by "sharks". Attended a Justin Bieber concert together and get to crowed pumped with fist pumping and crazy dancing.
Today Eloise and I are wearing van's as it's van Sunday
When I say ... you say erghhh
by Georgina1345 July 31, 2011

Describes a person, object or action that is particularly hippy-esque, such as listening to Buddhist meditative music, burning joss sticks or being cast as Leaf #1 in the school play.
Also often used to describe a person who is exceedingly dopey / chilled, to the extent where it is impossible to perform any vaguely strenuous task, and the offender resorts to 'chilling out' instead.

Usually preceded by the word 'so'.
'I can't decide whether to go for a ride on my tandem or just drink some mint and nettle tea in my caravan'
'That is SO eloise.'
by sassystrumpet September 25, 2011
swervalicious, being beautiful and stunning
swerve the other day , eloise was being a swerve, so everyone told her to swerve off
by shaniqua brown April 24, 2013
She is a beautiful girl with a great sense of humor, she thinks nobody cares but in fact is the most loved girl around, shes so perfect and pretty every lad wants her. Shes always taken but her one special boy is usually called Elliot or Louis, she might cheat but that's only cause she goes through some rough patches, she is loved deep down though by everyone. She is a real heart breaker but you cant help but love her.
*She cheats on her boyfriend*
Boyfriend: Cant help but to forgive you, your so perfect
*She must be an Eloise*
by YourBestFriendEverToLive November 21, 2013

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