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Elisia is such an amazing girl with one amazing laugh. People say shes a bit wierd but, MEH thats what makes her special. Everyone wants to be her but no one can. You can tell her anything , and trust he. She is the most trust worth person i know and i cant live without her. i know i can call her anytime and she wl be there. she is my best friend <3
stop being am elisia
by mehhhhhhto December 29, 2009
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Is a name for a beautiful girl who is smart, kind, loving, and intelligent. She is a very loyal and understandable person who is reliable to anybody that needs her. She a very clean and family oriented person who is also fashionable. She helps anybody at her needs and wants to do what's right for all people. She's caring and loving to all those around her ! She can make your day by a simple beautiful smile. She's fun to be around and there's not many girls like her. She's one really good person that you would love to be around !
Hey have you seen Elisia ?


Awe, that sucks :(
by LovingLy January 04, 2014
Elisium Dammar or cloitch face as he’s known to his minions, actually has more genetically in common with a lesser white-toothed shrew than a Human being. Sometimes after a heavy night of punching teenagers square in the teeth he likes to dress up as a ninja and attack local students with a samurai sword. In recent years nobody has seen or heard from Elisium, much speculation has taken place as to his whereabouts but theologians believe he suffered a stairwell nonsebashing leaving him quadrospazed on a life glug.
"Get inside kids here comes elisium !! "
by Spaz-Mo May 10, 2005
Ugly bird looking, monkey lipped, shitty ass person in the world. She smells like fajungus and sucks asshole.
Guy 1: Eww did Elisia just walk by?
Guy 2: Yeah she smelled like shit
Guy 1: Nahh yo' it was her fujungus
by Ujula October 25, 2012

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