The most sweet, beautiful, girl you will ever meet. You will want to hug her and her smile will make you happy. Good with boys, popular, great personality. If your a boy, you should probably ask her out..!
Look at that gorgeous girl, her name is Elise.
by stevenfromtacobell January 22, 2015
A white girl with a nice body and has an extreme case of JUNGLE FEVER!!! And can at sometimes be extremely bitchy.
Wow that girl is an elise.
by jrtg September 15, 2010
A smart, funny, persistent girl. Who is exceedingly amazing at sport. She's always the leader of a crowd. And who's beauty is over average. She is an amazing kisser and is also known as the seductive God of love. Her sense of style is quite amazing and so is her creativity. If you are looking for a steaming night this girl is the way to go! She's as tough as old boots but has a soft heart and very supportive but beware she can be violent if needed.
Guy: "Hey Elise, Looking good!"
Elise: "Listen I know I'm amazing but seriously go feast on someone else's ass"
Guy: "Come on, give me one night"
Elise: "Il give you ne night to get your Puney head round the fact that I don't fuck scrawny runts"
by Tsima February 24, 2015
1. The ninth boss in the game Madworld for the Wii. She is a vampire and is fought at the Sanctuary level. She is fought by finding her when she hides as either a statue or in one of the windows. She attacks mostly with bats and goes back into to hiding quickly. She is defeated by cutting her wings and then spanking through the window. Awesome rack on her though!

2. A girl with a nice rack on her.
Kreese: "Elise is a pain in the ass to fight!"

Howard: "Awesome rack on her though!"

Kreese: "True dat! When we fought, she sicked her bats onto me. They have fleas too!"

Howard: "Awesome rack on her though!"

Kreese: "True dat!"
by usoppu-sama March 19, 2009
An Elise can be recognized by it's split personality. Some call them bipolar, and other's view them as just being complicated. The Elises, however, hardly even notice.
Jack: Jeez, that girl's shy one minute and insane the next! What's up with her???
Jill: Ah! She must be an Elise!

John Jacob: Why is it that you love your name, but have hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia?
Jingleheimer Schmit: GAH! I hate that word! But I do get your point... Hey, just consider me to be an Elise.
by writer unknown February 02, 2009
A crazy person who cannot fathom being wrong. Usually a single mom. Hides her insecurities by being a slut and then blames it on being bipolar. Loves attention even in the wrong situations. Can't hold onto relationships of any kind and loses friends (talks behind their backs constantly).

Thinks everyone is talking about her. Even reading this description an Elise will think that someone they know has written this about them. Does this mean it's true?
"That crazy bipolar girl just slept with my boyfriend and then said I was in the wrong, she must be an Elise!"
by trayton May 01, 2014
verb informal: pretaining to being extremely random. also used in a situation involving elise or a false imitation of elise (note: false imitations of elise are frowned upon on if this word is used). can also be used in a situation that is just plain wierd.
me:look! hes hiding behind a recycling can!
random person: we should call him the blue bin guy!
me:you are so elise
by coolbeans892 January 25, 2008

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