average man who has blonde hair brown eyes with a small penis normally 2-3 inches hard he is secretly into bisexual intercourse, and loves to rage over xbox! and also have a boner while playing xbox.
that guy is such an a elijah.
by bryan32091 May 18, 2013
a beaner who loves blazing and who often puts his dick on sleeping girls faces and thinks advil is extacy
______ was asleep so Elijah decided to lay his dick on her face.
by blzno? November 30, 2010
Slang term for a lighter pronounced as "a lighter"
Bro, you got Elijah?
by Perfecthairforever September 27, 2010
A turd shaped into a phallus, and then frozen for use as a dildo. (sometimes covered for sanitation)
He rolled out his poop and placed it into the freezer for later use as an elijah.
by ctp_crumpled April 12, 2010
Huge doucher, capable of lameness, has slept with 14-17 women or men between the ages of 15 and 50 in any given decade, believes in hogzilla, and frequently overeats.
Last night, I almost pulled an elijah.
by PornTrek February 03, 2010

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