A talented basketball player from Las Vegas Nevada tall and handsome he once crossed somebody so bad that the mans ankles left on vacation. He is also sexy ass he'll rip your close off sexy
Elijah wade
by Handsome Elijah wade November 28, 2013
Most people who have the name Elijah is smart or a savage also a name given by God sense one is helpers we're Elijah so they name is holy
Did u see Elijah say no to the "teacher "
by Eliijah February 27, 2016
Elijah is a guy that will make your heart race every time you see him. He is looking for a real reletionship and doesn't bother with sluts. He loves to skateboard and loves rock music.
Whoa! Did you see Elijah skate by?

Yeah I nearly fainted!
by Smexyguy June 22, 2015
Elijah is a guy who is so sweet to start with. He showers you with beautiful songs and steamy sessions in the car. You become addicted. Then the moment he finds something better, he will rip your heart into shreds. Then he will cut off all contact and leave you broken.
I loved Elijah so much and we were going so well, but then he ditched me for some other girl without warning. Now they're getting married and I'm just like... what? ?
by KatKat130 October 20, 2015
He is generally a suave type of guy, but he is also a fuckboy. Most of the time he is trying to pick up a chick or hitting on someone. He can be nice, but he's always too busy to actually try to be nice to anyone.
Well there goes Elijah at it again.
by HentaiMaster9,0000 March 02, 2016
elijah: sweet,kind,smexyy,heart breaker,love killer..

elijahs tend to be male. && sexy Mexicans(smexicans), that have dark brown curly afroish hair,&& the most beautiful brown eyes ever :) they tend to make you love them with all your heart and you cant resist their charming ways....but they will make you believe that they love you and when you start to trust and love them they turn around and rip your heart right out of your chest..... :/ so if you know an elijah dont stay away , just dont get to close .....

elijahs also tend to be minie Michael jackson/bruno mars...

they play the guitar and skate bored ...
dude 1: omg did u see the new kid?? hes such an elijah!!

girl 1: omfg !!!!! did u see the knew boy hez soooo cute and sweet !!!

girl 2: ik hes such an a elijah!!!! (DIBS) !!!! HAHAH
by mcstar :) September 25, 2011
A very rude,racist asshole who no one really likes. He is very pesky and annoying.

He is usually short and blond
Wow,You are being such an Elijah.
by Val_ October 28, 2014

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