elijah: sweet,kind,smexyy,heart breaker,love killer..

elijahs tend to be male. && sexy Mexicans(smexicans), that have dark brown curly afroish hair,&& the most beautiful brown eyes ever :) they tend to make you love them with all your heart and you cant resist their charming ways....but they will make you believe that they love you and when you start to trust and love them they turn around and rip your heart right out of your chest..... :/ so if you know an elijah dont stay away , just dont get to close .....

elijahs also tend to be minie Michael jackson/bruno mars...

they play the guitar and skate bored ...
dude 1: omg did u see the new kid?? hes such an elijah!!

girl 1: omfg !!!!! did u see the knew boy hez soooo cute and sweet !!!

girl 2: ik hes such an a elijah!!!! (DIBS) !!!! HAHAH
by mcstar :) September 25, 2011
A faggot who looks like a woman and should make me and sammy a sammich... nuff said
Elijah Rivera
by ducaaaaa May 06, 2012
average man who has blonde hair brown eyes with a small penis normally 2-3 inches hard he is secretly into bisexual intercourse, and loves to rage over xbox! and also have a boner while playing xbox.
that guy is such an a elijah.
by bryan32091 May 18, 2013
a beaner who loves blazing and who often puts his dick on sleeping girls faces and thinks advil is extacy
______ was asleep so Elijah decided to lay his dick on her face.
by blzno? November 30, 2010
Slang term for a lighter pronounced as "a lighter"
Bro, you got Elijah?
by Perfecthairforever September 27, 2010
A turd shaped into a phallus, and then frozen for use as a dildo. (sometimes covered for sanitation)
He rolled out his poop and placed it into the freezer for later use as an elijah.
by ctp_crumpled April 12, 2010
Huge doucher, capable of lameness, has slept with 14-17 women or men between the ages of 15 and 50 in any given decade, believes in hogzilla, and frequently overeats.
Last night, I almost pulled an elijah.
by PornTrek February 03, 2010

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