The man you should marry.......seriously.
I did not want to have a child so early, but I love it so much because Elijah is the father.
by khpro August 29, 2011
the first name
a) of a hobbit,
b) a catholic prophet,
c) the representative of the seventh district of maryland,
d) the first name of the rock-socksiest boy around.
a) Elijah blinked his large blue eyes and shook his curly hair.
b) Elijah preached to many.
c) Gee, Elijah proposed a whizz-bang of a bill in Congress yesterday.
d) Elijah is so cute, he makes me want to cuddle him like a giraffe.
by Jaya April 11, 2006
The sweetest and funniest and cutest short Portuguese person you will ever meet. :) He always knows what to do and say to make you smile and laugh and he's just absolutely adorable. :D
Wow! Did you see that new guy in class??

Ya. He is such an Elijah!

I know right. He is so cute.
by elis.girl December 20, 2009
The most gorgeous, wonderful guy you could ever lay eyes on. He's different, out of the ordinary, special. His smile makes all the hipster girls go weak at the knees. His hair, oh god his hair...

With his wonderfully smooth, hilarious personality it's impossible to dislike Elijah. He's usually a rocker, wearing black skinny jeans and Jimi Hendrix shirts. Absolutely nothing can get in his way. He want's to stand out. He's not even aware of the swooning chicks that are desperately waiting for him to give them one of his looks. He's independent. Beautiful. Perfection.
"Hey... Is that Elijah riding his bike?"
"Oh my god, it is! Man, I wish he would notice me."

"I think I'm in love with Elijah."
by Nobodycanseeme March 12, 2013
A person who's beyond indecisive and never know what he wants. An Elijah could have the perfect girl right in front of him and not even realize it, can be a heartbreaker. None of the less, Elijah is one of the most sweetest, nicest, people you will ever meet. He is comforting, smart, and can make you feel like there's no other person for you besides him. An Elijah will drive you crazy and get you angry, and within the same instance he can make you feel like the greatest girl in the world. He doesn't know how to deal with his problems and will at often times go to great lengths to avoid them. Elijah makes a huge impact on your life and is impossible to forget. An amazing friend.
"He's so idecisive"
"Must be talking about Elijah"
by Rebecca Berkawitts January 08, 2015
BEST BOY IN THE WORLD!!! They are sooooo sweettt! Never EVER let him go!
me: Elijah is so hot!
friend: you are so lucky he is your boyfriend!
me: I know!
by _dakota_angel_ May 25, 2013
A sexy guy who knows his girls really well and looks for a relationship that lasts forever.
by Frodo305 September 16, 2012

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