The most gorgeous, wonderful guy you could ever lay eyes on. He's different, out of the ordinary, special. His smile makes all the hipster girls go weak at the knees. His hair, oh god his hair...

With his wonderfully smooth, hilarious personality it's impossible to dislike Elijah. He's usually a rocker, wearing black skinny jeans and Jimi Hendrix shirts. Absolutely nothing can get in his way. He want's to stand out. He's not even aware of the swooning chicks that are desperately waiting for him to give them one of his looks. He's independent. Beautiful. Perfection.
"Hey... Is that Elijah riding his bike?"
"Oh my god, it is! Man, I wish he would notice me."

"I think I'm in love with Elijah."
by Nobodycanseeme March 12, 2013
Top Definition
The term used to identify a hot guy. With a nice body.
Woah! He is so Elijah!
by Eli Wilson March 08, 2008
The most charming, adorable, and sweet guy you will ever meet. An Elijah is EXTREMELY good in bed and dates girls, and has friends with benefits. If you don't have an Elijah in your life, get one!
"Purrrr, I just fucked that Elijah last night!"
"Aww girl don't cry, you need an Elijah!"
by Stacygurrrl10111 March 31, 2009
A male who is never afraid to give up. He is strong and fights for what he loves. Elijah is a loyal friend. When he holds you in his arms you never want him to let go. Elijah makes you feel beautiful about yourself <3
"Thanks for the blanket"..... "That's an Elijah
by luvnheartbeat February 14, 2011
The hottest smexiest guy in the world who u should love to death, always defending you and loving you and wont never use you. best bf ever! loves guitars,skateboards and tin foil.
omg hes such an elijah! run its elijahs girl and she looks mad! i love elijah. elijah is not a dick infection lol.
by taylor howard<333333333 January 31, 2009
A handsome, cute, and sexy guy who is looking for a real relationship.

That Elijah is looking for something deeper than a fling.
by hocus pocus1 February 09, 2009
Elijah is the sweetest guy in the whole entire world. He doesn't try to be anyone else, but instead loves who he is. Girls are falling head over heels for him daily because hes so damn hot ;) Very easy to fall in love with <3
"Man, i really do want to spend the rest of my life with Elijah."
by smk92 September 10, 2011
amazing friend, always there for you, and will make up a fantasy life with any girl;) has a great smile, amazing eyes, and great personality! Also is good in bed. and loves girls.
omg did you see those eyes, he could be an elijah
by hisbestfriendintheworld May 11, 2011
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