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When you slam your knee up somebody's ass or around their ass.(Hence the name elephant fuck)
"See that guy, go elephant fuck him, it'd be funny as hell!"
by Crazasta September 03, 2007
damn... i can't believe no-one's defined elephant-fuck here... well here it goes!

to Elephant-Fuck someone is to insert into their appropriate orifice one's elbow or (in the case of an inordinately loose hoe) one's knee
'shit, man, that hoe you sent me was so loose, i started-out fisting her, but ended-up having to whip-out the old Elephant-Fuck trick!'
by seamus October 10, 2003
To ram your knee into someone's ass very hard.
"Elephant fuck!" *BAM*
by sonnytruelove October 12, 2008