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All news/propiganda from American right wing mass media. Made generally for simple minded folks but has been known to grind away at IQ levels and crush hopes and faith in humanity.
FOX,CNN,MSNBC mostly spew Elephant Shit

I can't believe I pay for this Fucking Elephant Shit!!
Rush is full of Elephant Shit!
We are up to our ears in Elephant Shit!!!
by Hatchetman1 February 17, 2010
I was at the Circus once and I saw the Lion Tamer lift up the elephant's tail, and it started dropping baseball-sized turds like a token dispenser at the arcade.
God damn, look at that thing go!
by T Hizzle May 01, 2005
shit of the elephant.
lance walter's favorite food
1. eww there is smelly elephant shit all over my car

2.lance:omfg that is the tastiest elephant ive ever tasted!!
by anoneemouse November 14, 2004
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