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Poison Simac is cut from the same cloth as Bat Shit Bachman and Slaughter house Sarah Palin.
One of the cookie cutter Republicans being financed by the GOP and sold to unsuspecting sheeple of Wisconsin.

Poison Simac's entire campaign is based upon Jim Holperin's heroic action to stall Scooter Wanker's attempts to destroy the middle class in Wisconsin Fitzwalkerstan.
Poison Simac is still another example of ignorant voters cutting their own throats!
Poison Simac stands as a broken family values candidate, what a Hypocrite.Wisconsin Circuit Court Access Program (CCAP) (Simac, known as Kim Maillette, filed for divorce from her first husband on the exact same day that her current husband, Arthur Simac, filed for divorce from his now ex-wife.
by Hatchetman1 July 10, 2011
Magazine Publications that represented the most valued items In 70's culture the four H's were
1.Hot Rod
2.High Times
3.High Fidelity
These were the most important things to 1970,s American Male culture.
I did my homework by reading the Four H's.
Come on dude don't you know the Four H's?
Come ride in my Chevy Van, we can listen to disco get buzzed and go fuck!
Man look at the buds in the High Times!
Larry Flint sure knows Stink Wrinkle!
Wow nice head unit in that sweet Hot Rod!
by Hatchetman1 February 26, 2011
Person who infests the Wooded Northern Tier of United States much like a wood tick.Closely related to a Hill Billy in mental capacity with a higher propensity for inbreeding.Some pilot huge 4 wheel drives with flags and guns bristling from them, riding around grooving on Elephant Shit.If they live way up nort it is difficult to discern the dialect from Cannucks
Stupid Wood hick votes republicunt and cuts his own throat! After tourist season all that's left is Wood Hicks and Skeeter Feeders.

He isn't a Wood Hick,He's a F.I.B or a Hollywood Lumberjack
by hatchetman1 July 13, 2011
All news/propiganda from American right wing mass media. Made generally for simple minded folks but has been known to grind away at IQ levels and crush hopes and faith in humanity.
FOX,CNN,MSNBC mostly spew Elephant Shit

I can't believe I pay for this Fucking Elephant Shit!!
Rush is full of Elephant Shit!
We are up to our ears in Elephant Shit!!!
by Hatchetman1 February 17, 2010

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