When one takes his dick out, and smacks it across another persons face, whether it be male or female does not matter it is still a kiss.
Bitch was talking shit, so I took my dick out and Elephant kissed her ass!!
by cnote_ld December 14, 2010
Top Definition
The moment an elephant gently touches you with its trunk; usually lightly patting your head. Very rare to see.
Oh look he just got an elephant kiss!
by Bodacea March 14, 2016
v. int. The act of pushing one's face into a man's testicles, and rocking one's head side to side very rapidly while making a vigorous, lip-vibrating "brrr" sound.
Maria: Have you ever gone down on your guy?
Katie: no but I give him elephant kisses every morning!
by Gen. George S. Fratton June 21, 2011
Creating a seal between a human mouth and flesh and then blowing. This action results in a tickling sensation for the recipient of the elephant kiss and the production of a flatus sound. At times this sound may resemble the roar from an African Bush Elephant.

Commonly the elephant kiss is applied to someone's belly, although all bodily locations will produce beneficial results.
Brian enjoyed giving his girls elephant kisses. These elephant kisses had a ridiculously high rate of success for inducing laughter resulting directly from the tickling sensations... not to mention they just sounded funny.
by Vinca's Lover October 27, 2009
When a man reaches down and smears his uncircumcised flacid dick on his underwear, in a horrible atempt to dry it off.
Shit dude, I just pissed and had to give my boxers' an elephant kiss.
by staycrispy October 29, 2013
the act of an uncircumcised male touching the tip of his cock to the tip of a second male's circumcised cock, thus causing the excess foreskin of his shlong to wrap around the head of the circumcised male's purple headed yogurt slinger. basically the gayest shit imaginable!
so I went to the restroom at the bar the other night, opened the door the stall only to find 2 dudes with their pants around their ankles and they were giving eachother elephant kisses
by Andy in TX December 28, 2008
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