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The boy's name Eldin is a variant of Alden (old English), Aldous (old German), Aldwin (old English) and Elden (old English), and the meaning of Eldin is "old friend" or "Ella's hill".
It is mainly used in arabic areas.
Eldin is sitting to my left. He is my buddy.
by Iphitos February 04, 2010
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The word originates from south Africa where an african herbsman found pieces of peanuts in elephant poo. The man said: "El kabala din" which later got shortened down to Eldin.

Eldin is now a word for lumps in shit and is used by people all around the world.
"Hey, why can't i flush the toilet? Someone with lots of eldin been here before?"
by Mr. Muhammed July 31, 2004

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