Sweet, smart, SUPER HOT, and looks AMAZING in a pair of jeans. She's the one nobody says they admire, but underneath, they're super jealous.
Person #1: Woah, look at that girl. She lookin fine!
Person #2: Reminds me of Elaina.
by Whaddup_9876 April 30, 2015
Some of the most beautiful girls. Elaina's tend to be very shy at first but once you get to know them very well they tend to turn out to be a completely insane person. Elainas tend to be very tall with brown eyes and blonde hair. They are very athletic people and tend to have a body to die over!
Look at that goddess elaina! Hey booty be looking fine.
by Mate dinky November 16, 2014
a cute pansexual agender emo trashcan who's great to cuddle
A lot of people think Elaina is rude, but really she's just too royal to talk to those mainstream bitches
by No Clowns Please December 28, 2014
1. best person ever!

2. wannabe whore

3. totally sweet

4. slightly emo but in a good way

5. ex-cuttersee definition 4
That girl is the epitome of Elaina
by cuduck September 08, 2010
a self centered bitch who likes the Dilido up the ass and down the throat! And likes to use the poles in the sub way station as her own personal sex toys because she like to put finger up her #@%#$& and her !$@$#@%$ if any guy has her for a girl friends i would suggest getting her a stripper that you can rent because she wont ever prove up to be a good straight girl friends... go for a lesbian elania because they like girls better.
by :D :P :) February 05, 2010
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