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An Anime serie. Lies deep under the logical level, attracts the scums on the earth, and a GREAT commercial for yoghurt ^_^.
"I'm in the middle of an Eiken episode." "Shy did you stop then?" "Had to clean my keyboard".
by Tubi! ^_^ July 28, 2003
The act of excessive t-bagging of friends or acquaintances for a non apparent reason.
Tyrone: Hey Nigga im Havin some problems beacouse my bitch keeps acting up
theropist: Nigga you need to Eiken her ass

Tyrone: Nigga that a good idea, hold up while i call my nigga
by Bleed_N_Purple July 05, 2010
Best..... Anime..... Ever.....
The girls in Eiken are hot!!!!
by RandomGuy March 28, 2005
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