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The act of being a wing man for some one performing the McChester.(When you go to a bar get wasted and run around naked outside while eating as much mexican food as possible so you have constant diaraherra all over the streets. After that you shove a winchester rifle up your ass until you finally pass out.) The Macchester is also eating as much mexican food as possible but is also shitting on the mcchester's face and or chest. usually the macchester is the designated driver.
Tyrone: yo mc adamsss

McAdams: wut chu want?

Tyrone: did chu hear bout that crazy negro doin the Mcchester with his MacChester??

McAdams: naw dawg
by Bleed_N_Purple July 07, 2010
The act of excessive t-bagging of friends or acquaintances for a non apparent reason.
Tyrone: Hey Nigga im Havin some problems beacouse my bitch keeps acting up
theropist: Nigga you need to Eiken her ass

Tyrone: Nigga that a good idea, hold up while i call my nigga
by Bleed_N_Purple July 05, 2010

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