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A title given only to the manliest of men.
Look at those rippling biceps and billowing pectorals. He is truly worthy of being named an Eicher
#manly #ripped #muscles #man #eicher
by Jeffery Robbinson February 10, 2008
The act of, or to take a crap in one's pants. Pertains only to the unexpected and fully adult homosapien.
"Dad I'm going to Eicher my pants...Dad I'm 18 I just Eichered my pants in your car."
#crapping #shitting #pooping in home depot #john eicher #to use the proper facilities
by Al Haal March 03, 2010
someone who blows it all the time at whatever he trys
dude that eicher locked his keys in his car. he blew it
#eicher #blow #blowin it #runs #wisconsin
by cheesebonk September 12, 2010
A being so conceited he cannot speak to another being unless it is about how amazingly sexy and manly he THINKS he is.
Wow, look at John, he can't stop staring at his muscles in the mirror. He truly is an Eicher.
#conceited #full of self #self-centered #john #eicher
by Nearlysane71 February 12, 2008
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