1) When a person believes they have a giant dick and will bring this topic up as much as possible.

2) A guy who believes he can get with any girl (when in fact, everyone hates him).
"Jesus Matt, stop being so egotesticle!"
by banjolin October 06, 2011
An adjective that describes people who confuse their egos with their testicles, and everything else down there.

Usually, it's size that gets mixed up.
Daniel is an egotesticle poser.
by GuardianDuo April 25, 2011
A totally repulsive yet somehow strangely attractive ultramacho guy who thinks he is god's gift to women
I can't believe that egotesticle jerk had the nerve to kiss you and say "that should cure your asthma attack baby"
by ibizascientist January 31, 2009
1. Believing oneself to be more intelligent than, having a right to dominate, or being owed sex from women because one possesses testicles.
2. Having the belief that one is attractive simply because they are male.
3. Allowing oneself to behave in ways that one chastises women for.
4. Describing mental conditions resulting from testoterone poisoning.
He had a rather egotesticle attitude about women's appearances, without bothering to to address his own.
by JaNell Golden December 30, 2003
A play on the original word:"egotistical"
Tom,Ashley's OVARYACTING because you're being a bit too egotesticle.
by Colin Palmer August 29, 2007
Guys who think that they are the shit and that they are better than everyone else no matter what.
That song "this is why im hott" by MIMS is so egotesticle
by shtsweak March 26, 2007
Men who like to THINK they have big balls
Stop being so egotesticle, there's nowt there!
by *~*Beccatigger*~* June 29, 2003
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