A word invented by youtubers Rhett&Link. An egoseismic person is someone who beleives that they are the cause of seismic activity (e.g. earthquakes) happening or not happening in the region they are in.
Rob: Tim says that the reasons there haven't been any earthquakes in California since he moved there was because of him!
John: Wow! Tim's so egoseismic!
by Willywan March 06, 2012
Thinking that earthquake locations move according to were you are.
Johnny was egoseismic because there were earthquakes where ever he lived.
by marshalman March 08, 2012
When you think, that what you think affects seismic activities, you're being egoseismic.
- wherever I go, seismic activities flee
- dont be so egoseismic
by Sekundarliterat March 06, 2012
adjective {ee-goh, sahyz-mik}

The repelling and prevention of seismic activity in the surrounding area of an individual.


The redirecting of an earthquake's epicenter due to the presence of a certain individual.
RHETT: "That's called egocentric thinking, Link, you think we had something to do with the earthquakes?"

LINK: "I would call it egoseismic thinking."

-From Rhett and Link's 'Good Mythical Morning'
by TheLostMasterpiece March 05, 2012
Thinking about the cause of an earthquake relating to yourself.
Maybe us moving, redirected the epicentre of U.S earthquakes to where we were from. I like to think of it as Ego-Seismic thinking
by Jane-Anne March 12, 2012
Egocentric thinking that has to do with earthquakes.
Bob: "Wherever I go there's always an earthquake"

Joe: "That's egoseismic thinking"
by Rhett Mclaughlin and Link Neal March 05, 2012
the changing of an epicenter due to a person's presence
Well I Would Call It Ego-Seismic Thinking -Link
by Wes Al Banet March 05, 2012

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