To obverly exaggerate a story or to "one up" others whe ntelling storys
Person 1:"I went to the police academy after high school"

Person 2:" I was a Bounty Hunter after high school and back at Tinker i captured like 500 Fugitives"
Person 1: why you gotta "Eggert" Me Man
by VOTT December 08, 2009
Top Definition
A Danish clan name descended from the viking Eggert the Cold Blooded, the second brother of Denmark's first king Gorm the Old.

The descendents are usually very pale compared to the average native Dane.
Muhammed: Eow take a look at that dude, he's as pale as a fucking vampire!
Brian: Oh he is probably from the Eggert clan. Look at all his royal money!
Muhammed: Damn that lucky dick.
by PontifexMaximus July 02, 2013

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