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The superior. The best of its kind, not to be outdone by any other example of a similar thing, but isn't the actual thing by which the example is set.
That was the Egg McMuffin of weed, my man!
by UnevenHaircut January 10, 2012
An egg and cheese sandwich from McDonalds, usually with interchangeable sausage or bacon patty.
I bought an Egg McMuffin at McDonalds.
by Dan September 29, 2003
3 odd coasters held together with cheese
Egg mcmuffins? Coasters? The secret is cheese.
by poochie March 08, 2004
A sexual achievement that results in best orgasm-
and all it takes is an easy seven steps!
1: find a large women (FAT)
2: do her doggy style
3: knock her out (donkey punch)
4: give her liposuction and keep fat
5: use fat to grill an egg
6: put cooked egg on her vagina
7: insert penis
Dude i totally gave dat hoe a Egg Mc.Muffin
by Gunars October 08, 2008
When you crack and egg on a chick's ass before you penetrate it, using the raw egg as a lubricant and degrader.
I ran out of anal ez so I just pulled an egg mcmuffin on the bitch.
by Husayn ibn Ali September 29, 2006
1. The female genitalia.
"Yo, I was chillin' with this broad last night when all of a sudden she told me to stick it her egg mcmuffin."
by El-Keter July 23, 2003
Code word for sex between two consenting adults who don't want people to know wassup. Coined by miker and lailer.
There's nothing like egg mcmuffins .... after breakfast...
by nebachadmw October 02, 2008
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